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Handicap Blitz Grand Prix

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Handicap Blitz Grand Prix Conditions
  • Core time 8 minutes on each clock per game

  • Rapidplay grades, where available, will be used

  • In each event, players will be allotted to a grading group:–
    1: >174, 2: 155–174, 3: 135–154, 4: 115–134, 5: 95-115, 6: <95

  • The Time Handicap: for each game, the difference between the players’ respective grading groups, in minutes, is deducted from the higher-graded player’s clock and added to the lower-graded player’s clock. The greatest time adjustment is therefore +/– 5 mins. Players in the same grading group play with equal time, 8 minutes each.

HBGP Playing Rules

1. "Clock move" applies, meaning that the 'touched piece' rule does not apply; the player may change their move, even move a different piece, until the clock is pressed. Once the clock has been pressed, the move is complete and can no longer be changed.

2. Illegal move loses, so long as opponent claims before completing a reply (i.e. before clock press) and provided it is possible for the opponent to win by any series of legal moves, otherwise opponent can only claim a draw. If no claim is made, the game continues.

3. An illegal move is claimed by stopping clock - centre button - and drawing opponent's attention to it and if necessary the Controller.


- a Pawn promotion must be completed before clock press otherwise it is an illegal move, e.g. pawn must be replaced by new piece; if you leave the pawn on the promotion square and say "Queen!" and press the clock, t his is an illegal move, the queen must be placed on the promotion square. If no queen or acceptable alternative (i.e. upturned rook) is available, stop the clock to find a queen).

- Do not take a King left in check but claim the illegal move.

4. To claim a win on time, stop the clocks; for the claim to succeed, the Opponent's time must read 0.00 and the Claimant must have time remaining on his/her clock and ‘mating material’. If both clocks read 0.00, and/or the Cl aimant does not have the means to deliver mate by any series of legal moves, the game is a draw.

5. If pieces are accidentally knocked over in the course of making a move, they must be replaced in the player's own time. If the player presses the clock with pieces displaced, this will NOT be deemed an illegal move; however, the opponent should restart the player's clock and require the piece(s) to be replaced.

6. Draw claims in last two minutes does not apply.