ECF U1800 County Championship

The U1800 Qualifying competition is a three horse race: Essex, Leics and Northumberland. Details of the matches will be given in the tabbed display below. Click on the tabs to open the sub pages; currently there is only the fixture list to view. Details will include all match tables and all games played.

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Guide to playing games on

Several games on the first day (12 June Minor Open) failed to start or were late starting. This may have something to do with players not knowing the full requirements for making or receiving the Challenge, which differs in one important respect with what players may be used to on Lichess. In Lichess, the Challenge is issued in the player’s Profile. In the players should first be linked as Friends and when giving and receiving the Challenge, they should both be in “Live chess“.

Here is the guide:
  1. Join your opponent as a “Friend”. A simple step which makes the challenge easier. Either player can do this.
    When the pairings are published, find your opponent’s username. Sign into your account. Then click on your opponent’s username when you know it and click on the Add Friend button, to send an invitation. Your opponent will need to accept this invitation, so check back later. If your opponent makes the invite, respond when you get the message to accept. The Friend link can be removed when the game has been played.
  2. On the match date, if you are to play White, you will need to issue a Challenge to your opponent. Do this, say, five minutes before the due start time, as follows:
    1. Sign into your account. Find the Play menu (usually down the left side bar) and click on Play to open it, then click on Live chess. This is important to be in Live chess.
    2. The screen displays a large board and to the right of that several options.
    3. Click on the button Play a friend – now you understand why it is important to invite the opponent as a Friend.
    4. Select your opponent from the list of Friends.
    5. Now set up the details of the time control:
      1. Click on Time, then on the More button and finally Custom;
      2. Type the minutes 60, secs 0 and inc 15 and click OK;
      3. Set the Rating dropdown to Rated and the Colour dropdown to the colour you are playing (White or Black – usually White makes the Challenge, but sometimes Black may have to do it).
    6. When all the requirements of 5. have been set, click the Play button and wait for your opponent to respond. Be ready for your opponent to accept the Challenge BEFORE the due start time of the game, as the game will then be in play.
      Also important: don’t start any other games against anyone else while you are waiting. Be disciplined; concentrate ONLY on the game you are preparing to play.
    7. If your opponent does not respond by the due start time, send a message. Tell your opponent to be sure to be in Live chess (Play/Live chess) to receive your Challenge.
  3. Play the game.

To receive your opponent’s Challenge (e.g. if you are playing Black): you need just the same to go into the Live chess area. So sign into your account, click the Play menu, select Live chess and wait. When you receive the Challenge, make sure it is from the opponent you are expecting to play and do not accept Challenges from any other player, check it is set correctly (60 0 | 15, Rated, with the correct Colour and if all is correct, accept. If the details are wrong, send a message to your opponent.

Download this guide: Guide to (pdf)

Essex U1800 match details

 Date Round Home team Score Away Team
17 July 2021 Qual 1 Northumberland 7½-4½ Essex
21 August 2021 Qual 2 Essex v Leics

Played 17 July 2021

Board Northumberland v Essex
1 James McKay 1767 1-0 Egor Latypov 1795
2 Jack Erskine-Pereira 1795 1-0 Peter McCarron  1719
3 Mark McKay 1823 1-0 Adrian Billingsley 1713
4 Dave Stebbings 1768 0-1 David Smith 1704
5 Andrew Perella 1746 1-0 Felix Todd 1669
6 Raj Mohindra 1703 1-0 Olga Latypova 1659
7 John Horton 1697 1-0 Kenneth Butcher 1664
8 Dave Peardon 1681 0-1 Ruqayyah Rida 1630
9 Shruti Pai 1625 ½-½ Dai Harris 1600
10 Ian Chester 1573 1-0(def) Nandi Korossy 1598
11 Steve Larkin 1552 0-1 Emmet Clarke 1478
12 Ryan Duff 1500 0-1 Huzaifa Baig 1308
  Average 1686 7½-4½ Average 1629

Essex U1800 fell to the Northumberland juggernaut as had the Open Minor before them. Nonetheless, there is encouragement to be taken from this defeat: the win on Board 4 from David Smith and 3½/5 on the bottom boards (including a default conceded).

Essex still have their destiny in their own hands, if they can win the next (and last) qualifying match against Leics on 21 August; winners progress to the Finals, where Northumberland await.

To be played 21 August 2021

Board Essex v Leics
1   v  
2   v  
3   v  
4   v  
5   v  
6   v  
7   v  
8   v  
9   v  
10   v  
11   v  
12   v  

Match report and games will appear here.