Teams 2021-22

With the return of OTB County competition, Essex has entered four teams in the SCCU Counties Championship, under each of the rating-limited sections of the new ECF 4-digit Elo-style rating sysem: U2050, U1850, U1650 and U1450. To help you complete adjustment to the new ratings, these figures are equivalent in the old grading system to: 180, 153, 127 and 100.

There is no direct translation because, in the process, one section has been discarded. As a result of consultation with Counties, the rating bands have been widened to cover four sections instead of five, the purpose being to aid Counties in raising teams rather than reducing the number of boards per match.

For the first time since the banding system was introduced into Counties Championship chess, Essex has not entered every section. There was insufficient support to run an Open team – only three players rated over 2049 indicated availability – so only the rating limited sections have been entered.

Team pages: U2050 | U1850 | U1650 | U1450

ECA Match Captain

Mark Murrell

Essex team captains for 2021-22

U2050 – Paul Kenning

U1850 – Peter Nickals

U1650 – Malcolm Crane

U 1450 – Malcolm Crane

To contact any of these captains, use the Contact Form under the Directory menu above (sub item ECA Officials/Contact ECA Officials) and select from the dropdown the appropriate team captain as the official to contact. For ease of access, follow the link below.

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