Wanstead & Woodford Chess Club

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Venue:  Wanstead House Community Association, Wanstead House, 21 The Green, LONDON  E11 2NT. Tel: 020 8989 3693.

NB: Wanstead House re-opens after Covid-19 lockdown, with restrictions, on 1 September 2020. Attendance at the Chess Club ONLY by appointment – contact Secretary.

NB: the CAR PARK at Wanstead House is MEMBERS of Wanstead House Community Association ONLY. Visitors please park in the neighbouring streets.


Matches:  Tuesday and Thursday, both 19:30 – tea*/coffee*/bar*

* Not available with Covid-19 restrictions.

Wanstead & Woodford CC also plays in the London Chess League (4 teams) and the North Circular Chess
League (4 teams)

Club Night: Tuesday 19:30– tea/coffee/bar
Matches, Club Championship, Lightning Championship, Blitz Championship, Rapidplay Championship, Ladder, Handicap Blitz Grand Prix, social games, etc.

Essex League incremental time control used: 80 min + 10 seconds a move

President:  Terry Whitton

Chairman:  Ian Hunnable

Secretary:  Philip Staniland, Flat 6, Struan House, High Street, Wanstead, LONDON E11 2AH.
Tel: 07949 881881 (mobile)

Treasurer:  Peter Nickals

Tournament Secretary: Mark Murrell

Match Captain: Paul Barclay

Assistant Match Captain: Charlton Siddo

For individual team captains, see below.

Publicity Officer: Paul Barclay

Webmaster:  Ian Hunnable

Fixtures Secretary: Mark Murrell

Essex League Match Captains:

1st Team: Paul Barclay

2nd Team: Peter Nickals

3rd Team: Ben Harte

Minor A Team: Mark Murrell

Minor A Team: Nigel White

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