The Oldest Challenge, North v South

The Oldest Challenge, North v South, Saturday 5th September, 6:30pm on Registrations close at midnight today

To play in this Saturday’s match for the South of England v North of England ending the 2020 ECF counties online season you need to:

  1. firstly renew or take out your ECF membership or supportership (You can do so HERE)
  2. complete the registration form –
  3. click the green JOIN button at ECF South the club for your team in which you will find match information and from which you will receive team information.
  4. you can do b) and c) from the ECF South page where there is a link to the form on the page REGISTER HERE – CLICK ON ME.

Registrations close at midnight tonight.

The event has its own webpage at:

Go straight to the interactive match cards (ECF LMS) via the link below, where you will find the match card in batches of 10 boards. (Confusingly, the top line starts at Board 101. The top 10 boards are on the second line, 001.) To open each match card, click on the score link in the column between the two sides.

ECF LMS interactive match cards | N v S Board Finder

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