Vega Tournament Pages ECA Junior Festival U18

View Entries and, in due course, Pairings and Results, via the menu bar below. During the event - Sunday, 3 September, registration 14:00, R1 14:15 - select Pairings, then the round number. Always Ctrl+refresh to see latest information. (Note: until the R1 pairings have been published, selecting "Pairings" will result in "Page not found"; be patient.) Time Control: G7+2 - all moves in 7 minutes + 2 seconds per move. There will be 7 Rounds. Close 17:15. We shall use ECF Rapid ratings for pairings as more players have a Rapid rating than a Blitz rating.

Players during the tournament: when your game is finished, the winner, or White in the event of a draw, should report the result to the Controller. After your game has finished respect games still in play and avoid close crowding around any board.