Southend 2023 – FIDE Open

Welcome to the FIDE Open games from the Southend Easter Chess Festival 2023, kindly hosted by the Essex Chess Association. Replay the games in the game board below, selecting individual games from the dropdown.

The plan is to have all the games in the FIDE Open added to this database (see latest version below). They are also available to download as a pgn file(zip).

If viewing on a PC, hover your mouse pointer over different squares on the board for different functions. For example:

To flip the board: with Black at the top, click on e7; to flip back (White at the top) click on d2 – it’s the same square, two down five across.

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Play through in game board below, or download the database (zip).

Tip: in the game board below, the index in the dropdown is lacking in detail; to locate the start of each round, look for GM Johan Christiansen who was on on Board 1 throughout. (There were two rounds a day for 7, 8 and 9 April, and one on 10 April.)

Latest version: v5.150523, Rounds 1-5 games complete.

Download pgn database (zip): Rounds 1-5 complete