Conditions of Entry and Event Risk Assessments

The ECA has conditions of entry relating to safeguarding and processing of data applicable to all of the events it runs and from time to time produces risk assessments in accordance with its legal obligations. Link below, or always accessible from the Corporate menu at the foot of every page.

Link: Event conditions and Health & Safety information

Safeguarding of children, young people and adults in need

Junior Participation

The Essex Chess Association (“ECA”) welcomes and encourages the participation of Junior players in all of our events, which are open to adults, young people and children alike.

The Essex Junior Chess Association organises events exclusively for Junior players.

Some ECA events have independent organisers who are responsible for running them:

  • The Essex Championship and the Essex U160 Championship are awarded at the Southend Congress, which is run independently of the ECA;
  • Teams who play in the Essex League are run by the Chess Clubs participating in the League;
  • Teams who play in the Essex Rapidplay Knockout are run by the Chess Clubs participating in the Cup and Plate competitions;

Parents and guardians of Junior players participating in these events should consult the policies of the Congress or their child’s Club.

The ECA has policies in place for its organised events:

  • Speed Team Tournaments (Team Blitz and Knockout Finals Night);
  • Speed Individual Tournaments (Blitz, Lightning and Rapidplay Championships);
  • County Teams (these cater for all levels of ability);

The Essex Junior Championship is awarded at the Essex Rapidplay Championship.

Parents and guardians should be aware that the ECA does not provide supervision of Junior players. This remains the responsibility of parents and guardians.

Children under the age of 8 must always be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Older children under the age of 14 must be supervised by a parent or guardian or by an appointed responsible adult notified in writing to the event organiser (e.g. Tournament Controller or Team Captain).

For events held at Wanstead House Community Association the attention of parents and guardians is drawn to the safeguarding policy of the House which can be viewed here:

Download: WH Safeguarding Policy (pdf)

Online Chess

The playing of chess on online platforms raises additional safeguarding considerations. All players using these platforms have responsibilities for ensuring the safeguarding of junior participants. This is particularly so, for the events that the Association may from time to time host on online platforms. 

The Association has adopted and follows the online policies and code of conduct of the English Chess Federation which can be viewed below.

The Code applies to all players. It contains guidance for parents and guardians, coaches, organisers and administrators as well as for players. 

For events that are ECF online rated, the ECF Online Fair Play and Anti-Cheating Rules apply. These include compliance with host platform rules in relation to general standards of conduct, sportsmanship and online behaviour.

Download: OFP&AC Rules


The ECA is committed in partnership with parents and guardians to Junior players having a positive and enjoyable experience of chess in a safe environment, protected from harm and abuse. Child protection is an integral part of this and forms part of its Safeguarding policy.

Any parent or guardian with concerns arising at any of any ECA event should raise them with the organiser of the event.

To supplement the Safeguarding policy for the events run by the ECA in which Junior Players may participate, guidance has been produced for: i) Junior Players; ii) Parents and guardians; iii) Event Organisers; iv) Online chess. These documents may be downloaded from the following links:

Downloads: Junior Players (a code of conduct) (pdf) | Parents and guardians (pdf) | Event Organisers (pdf) | Online Code of Conduct (pdf)

Safeguarding Policy and Procedures

Whilst the primary function of the Essex Chess Association (“ECA”) is to promote chess, it recognises the responsibility for the welfare of children, young people and vulnerable adults.

The Safeguarding Policy of the ECA, which follows the model of that of the English Chess Federation, can be viewed from the link below:

Download: Safeguarding Policy of the ECA (pdf) | Online SG Policy (pdf)

An introduction to safeguarding and safeguarding responsibilities can be viewed here:

Download: Introduction to Safeguarding (pdf)

For events held at Wanstead House Community Association the attention of attendees is drawn to the Fire, Health & Safety policy of the House and accompanying ECA notices. The attention of ECA Organisers is also drawn to the accompanying notices.

Downloads:  WH Fire and Health & SafetyWH Users Notice | WH Organisers Notice

Safeguarding concerns in respect of any ECA event should be raised straight away with the organiser of the event.  If this is not possible they should be raised with the Safeguarding Officer.

The Safeguarding Officer for the ECA is:  

Name: Mark Murrell
079 7377 3786

The policy contains procedures designed to assist ECA organisers and officials in the running of its events, including recognising and handling safeguarding concerns. Part of the role of the Safeguarding Officer is to advise and support them.

Downloads: Safeguarding guidance for organisers (pdf) | Reporting form for organisers (pdf)

Other Safeguarding contact numbers

Emergency Services): 999

Police (non-emergencies): 101

Contact numbers for reporting concerns to Child or Adult Social Services

For Events held at Wanstead House and Redbridge Social Centre (LB Redbridge)

Reporting a child safeguarding concern: 020 8708 3885 – (020 8708 5897 out of hours)

Reporting an adult safeguarding concern: 020 8708 7333

For Events held at Longmeads Community Association, Brentwood and Southend (Essex County Council)

Reporting a child safeguarding concern: 0345 603 7627

Reporting an adult safeguarding concern: 0345 603 7634

Out of hours urgent reporting: 0345 606 1212

For Events held at Upminster (LB Havering)

Reporting a child safeguarding concern: 01708 433 222 – (01708 433 999 out of hours)

Reporting an adult safeguarding concern: 01708 433 550

Other useful contacts

NSPCC: 0808 800 500

Childline: 0800 1111

With acknowledgments to the work in this field of the English Chess Federation, Sussex Junior Chess Association and Wanstead House Community Association and for the assistance of the Essex Junior Chess Association.