David Millward’s Essex League Archive

The League Archive pages are David Millward’s system for the Essex League records; Fixtures, Match tables, League Tables, Calendar, etc., for the 25 Seasons David served as League Secretary.

Use the links below to access the League Archive at the required point. Once in the Archive, navigation is possible between Seasons, but for large jumps return to this index by the link provided.

League Archive Index

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There was no 2020-21 League Season, but we have added a page to explain the missing season – if only for history’s sake – and act as a bridge to the current season, 2021-22.

This is also a fascinating history of Essex club chess over the years. Go to the early years here and we find an array of club teams which is unthinkable now, even pre-covid. Take 1995-96: four divisions, 47 teams from 17 clubs. Ilford and Wanstead each fielded five teams, but were outdone by Eastbrook (the one-time name of Barking CC) who entered no fewer than nine teams! Division I  was 10 boards in those days, Division II eight, the others six.

And what of Powdermill, Billericay, Waltham Forest, Newham, and Thamesview? (Beckton Rooks also entered, but presumably withdrew before playing any matches as all their “results” are marked “void”.)

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