Essex Knockout 2024 – Tables

Essex Summer Rapid Knockout 2024

The Draw

Part 1 – KNOCKOUT 


  Round 1       Quarter-Final       Semi-Final       Final  
A  Brentwood B   G  WANSTEAD B or Winners B   L  Winners G or CHELMSFORD A   N  Winners L or M
B  BASILDON      Winners B or  WANSTEAD B            
 Wanstead C            
                 CHELMSFORD A or Winners G    
 Witham & Maldon    Bye to L    
D  BARKING     J  Winners D       M  Winners J or K      Winners M or L  
 Loughton      Bye to M    
F  Chelmsford B   K  BRENTWOOD A            
 BRENTWOOD A          
               Winners K or J    
 Bye to K        

NB The upper team in each Round 1 pairing is at Home, e.g. Match A: Brentwood B is at Home to WANSTEAD B. Later rounds venues to be announced.

Part 2 – PLATE

N  Brentwood B     R  Witham & Maldon or Losers N     T Winners R or S  
 Losers B      
  Quarter-Finals      Semi-Final    
O  Witham & Maldon    Losers N or Witham & Maldon    
 Bye to R    
P  Losers D   S  Winners P or Chelmsford B     Winners S or R  
 Bye to S    
  Quarter-Finals      Semi-Final    
Q  Chelmsford B    Chelmsford B or Winners P    
 Bye to S    

NB The placement of labels in the Plate table QF do NOT indicate which team is at Home. The Controller will announce venues when the teams are known.