Essex Online Blitz 3

Blitz 3, G5+2, Monday 1 February 2021 at 7.00 pm

Event details

Organiser: Ian Hunnable, ECA Tournament Secretary – Lichess username: Chesstera1h8;
Assisted by: Mark Murrell, Tom Barton;
Rate of play: 5 minutes + 2 seconds per move increment (G5+2);
Rounds: minimum 7, but aiming for 9, Swiss pairing, all according to entry;
Schedule: If 7 rounds, new round every 20 mins. If 9 rounds, new round every 15 mins; Finish by 9.30 pm.
Sections: Two – Open; U1600;
Tie-breaks: 1) Sum of Progressive Scores; 2) Sum of Opponents’ Scores;
Pairing Software: Vega;
Lichess Team: Essex Online;
Entry: is free, via form below;

This tournament unfortunately had to be abandoned when the platform went down after one round. While it came back briefly, it soon went down again. This happened several times and was judged to be unstable and there was no indication when the problem might be fixed. It is possible, had we persisted, that the tournament could have been completed, the organisers with agreement of the competitors took the view that the tournament should be abandoned.