The Essex Online Championship 2019-20

This was an ECF online standard-rated 5-round Swiss tournament(s) in July and August open to those with an association with Essex. In addition to the traditional Open, there were two grade limited sections, U150 and U100. The new ECA Playing of Online Chess Policy (“Online Policy”), the ECF’s Online Fair Play and Anti-Cheating Rules (“OFPAC Rules”) and Conditions of entry applied.

Controller: Mark Murrell

Congratulations to:

David Sands (4½), the first Essex Online Champion ahead of Andrew Lewis (4) and John Hodgson (3½)

Olga Latypova (4½), Essex Online U150 Champion ahead of Martin Van Tol (4) and Peter Nickals (3½)

Jaideep Cheema (4½), Essex Online U100 Champion ahead of Lakshan Rajalingam and David Wilson (4).

The Tournament Pages, with the cross tables and results of each round, have been restored to the website, accessible from the online section of the activities menu. Here are quick links: Open | U150 | U100

In the final round of the Open, David, Andrew and John were drawn on successive boards and each won with black to take a final placement to match their board number. There were no easy games in any of the rounds in the Open, which was hard fought all the way, with two upcoming Essex juniors, Harry and Jerry Zheng, more than holding their own.

In the U150 only a defeat at the hands of Peter Nickals would have seen Olga deposed of her crown whilst Martin could not achieve higher than second. Unfortunately Peter missed the boat, still hungover from his U1825 team’s success in the Online County Championships, where Jerry also featured.

In the U100 it was a winner takes all match on board 1, with Lakshan on a perfect score after 4 rounds, but it was Jaideep who was unbeaten at the end of the competition.
Essex Juniors made up 50% of the competitors across the three sections, with many making the transition to slow play. They have been taught well; their conduct and sportsmanship were impeccable, making this particular event a pleasure to control.


  • Entries have closed;
  • Open, U150 and U100;
  • 5 round Swiss played during July and August 2020;
  • G60’/15”
  • ECF online standard rated;
  • Individual challenges in live chess on platform;
  • Games played on or by mutual agreement before default date and time;
  • Default date and time –  Mondays at 7pm;
  • R1 13 July; R2 20 July; R3 03 August; R4 17 August; R5 31 August;
  • Parings published day following default date;
  • Parings, usernames, results, standings and cross table available from ECA website;
  • Player communications through messaging and Control communications through Club “Essex Chess Association”;
  • ECA Online Policy and ECF OFPAC Rules apply.

DownloadRules (pdf)

Entry requirements

  • Acceptance of Conditions of Entry set out in the Online Policy which include the OFPAC Rules
  • Current ECF member or supporter
  • Association with Essex; one of: a) Birth in Essex, b) Current residency in Essex or associated London Boroughs for county chess purposes, c) current membership of an Essex Club or club affiliated to the ECA,  d) attending Essex School or College or e) play county chess for Essex
  • Current playing account to be used for the duration of the competition
  • rapid rating (based on at least 8 rated rapid games)
  • Jan 2020 ECF standard grade or evidence of playing strength

Conditions of Entry

  • It is a condition of entry or of participation that the ECA shall have no liability (whether in contract, tort or otherwise) in relation to the decisions taken by the host platform service provider in respect of a player’s user account(s).
  • It is a condition of entry or of participation that a player must comply with the OFPAC Rules and that the ECA shall have no liability (whether in contract, tort or otherwise) in relation to the implementation of those rules and associated guidelines.
  • It is a condition of entry that a) participating adult players and b) for junior players a parent or guardian and player where old enough agree to the publication of data set out in the Data Protection section of the Online Policy and to the processing of that data under the lawful basis of legitimate interest.
  • It is a condition of entry that a player agrees to abide by the Online Policy.
  • Any player (or parent or guardian of a junior player) who does not agree to follow any part of the Online Policy or objects to any part of these conditions of entry should not participate.  Any player who does participate shall be assumed to have agreed (including parental consent) with these entry conditions. Club for Competition – Club Essex Chess Association

Tournament(s) Pages – Are now available from Activities in the main menu (see left sidebar, or above).

Controller – Mark Murrell – ECFEssex on and by email at

ECA Fair Play Panel – to be announced (by appointment of the ECA Executive).


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