Champions v The Rest

Played 30 September 2021

Board Barking v The Rest
1 Sands, David A 2245 (2215) (W) 1-0 Hughes, Gavin James (Brentwood) 2013 (2050) (B)
2 Goldberg, Jeff A 2110 (2118)  ½-½ Sutherland, Neil A (Southend) 2000 (1953)
3 Jaszkiwskyj, Peter 1990 (1975)  0-1 Wilson, Edgar (Writtle) 1953 (1998)
4 Robinson, James M 1953 (1938) 0-1 McCall, Martin (Upminster)1915 (1975)
5 White, John A 1998 (1908)  ½-½ Barton, Tom A (Ilford) 1908 (1855)
6 Ramage, Colin R 1908 (1855)  0-1 Murrell, Mark RA (Wanstead) 1861 (1945)
7 Clow, Ken W 1870 (1713)  0-1 Crane, Leslie J (Upminster) 1855 (1885)
8 Cresswell, Mike J 1688 (1743)  0-1 Staniland, Philip (Wanstead) 1851 (1947)
9 Nickals, Peter A (sub) 1832 (1656)  ½-½ Corish, Aidan T (Upminster) 1780 (1825)
10 Figgins, John A 1683 (1735)  0-1 Undre, Taha (Ilford) 1540 ()
11 Blagianu, Mihaita 1593 (1615)  0-1 Baig, Huzaifa (Thurrock) 1216 (1293)
12 Chtym, Vladimir 1534 (1458)  1-0 Chapman, John R (Southend) 1240 ()
  Average 1867 3½-8½ Average 1761

The match details are also available on the ECF League Management System, here: Champions v The Rest
The ECF LMS will be used from this season for reporting and rating the Essex League.

Tom Barton (Right) presents the silver rook to John White. [Photo: Mark Murrell]

Before battle commenced, League Secretary Tom Barton Presented the League Championship silver rook to Barking’s John White, a ceremony depicted right.

What an extraordinary match! Barking held a rating advantage of over 100 points a board average, but The Rest stole point after point until, with only a win and a draw to their name, Barking found themselves well-beaten, with four games still in play from which to try and salvage some pride.

The Champions added a win and two draws (Boards 1 and Boards 9 and 2) but The Rest had stolen the show by 8½-3½.

The following blow-by-blow account is provided by Mark Murrell.

Prologue – Barking CC took full advantage of the ventilated spaces afforded by St Margaret’s Centre to ensure that all players had a comfortable playing environment whatever their personal requirements and risk tolerances. If this match was the standard bearer, the application of the new ECA covid-19 (C19) protocols were effectively demonstrated and Essex will be well-placed to meet the uncertain challenges ahead.

7.30 pm – Barking win the toss and have white on odds;
The Rest sub Peter Nickals fills in for Barking on 9 in place of George Monk;

8.25 – First blood to The Rest in a “let’s have a go” encounter on 6 to the astonishment of those who declared the pairings had been “fixed”;

8.30 – Les on 7 doubles the lead;

8.33 – The Rest skip takes a draw on 5;

8.38 – Taha adds another with a mating attack on 10;

9.07 – Still one-way traffic as Huzaifa and Philip win with mating attacks;

9.10 – Champs notch up their first win as Vladimir’s Q outmanouveres John’s two rooks;

9.15 – The Prof, a late addition to the team, takes The Rest over the finishing line;

9:45 – Sub Pete hangs on for a draw. 2-7 with top 3 boards still in play;

10:05 – David on 1 makes it two wins for the Champs but Edgar on 3 cancels it out for The Rest. Board 2 down to a couple of minutes each;

10.08 – It’s a draw on 2. Final score: Barking 3½-8½ The Res.

Epitaph – Many of the players adjourned to the Barking Dog for a long-overdue social dimension to a hard fought match, in the company of the league trophy of course.