Essex Online 2020-21

Essex Online 2020-21 answers the need for online activities, while the coronovirus pandemic prevents over-the-board chess, by providing a varied programme of online activities.

To facilitate rating of these events, a presence has been established on the ECF League Management System (“ECF LMS”):

Essex Online on ECF LMS

Individual Online

All individual online events will be held on Monday evenings starting at 19:00.


Blitz Series: Blitz 1, G7+2, 9 November 2020; Blitz 2, G5+0, 7 December 2020; Blitz3, G5+3, 1 February 2021; Blitz 4, G3+2, 29 March 2021.


Essex Online Rapid Championship:

Open and U1600, all games G20+10, seven double rounds:

R1 and R2: 25 Jan 2021; R3 and R4: 8 Feb 2021; R5 and R6: 15 Feb 2021; R7 and R8: 22 Feb 2021; R9 and R10: 8 Mar 2021; R11 and R12: 15 Mar 2021; R13 and R14: 22 Mar 2021

Rapid Series:

All games G10+5. Rapid 1, 23 November 2020; Rapid 2, 11 January 2021; Rapid 3, 1 March 2021.

Standard play

Essex Online Championships

R1: 12 April 2021; R2: 26 April 20201; R3: 10 May 2021; R4: 24 May 2021; R5: 7 June 2021.

Sections according to entry.

Team Online

Team Blitz

On 13 December, at 10:00 am – teams of 4.

The Events in Essex Online 2020-21 are all listed in the Events calendar available from the main menu and are provided their separate pages in the Activities menu. There is also an Activities pack which you can open on screen or download via the following link:

Document downloads

Essex Online 2020-21 Team

Ian Hunnable (Tournament Secretary)

Mark Murrell (Match Captain, Safeguarding Officer)

Tom Barton (Executive Member)

To contact the Essex Online team, please use the Contact form under ‘Directory’ on the main menu and select ‘Essex Online’ (scroll to the foot of the dropdown) as the contact.