Essex at the British 2023

British Chess Championships 2023
20th to 30th July 2023

De Montfort University, 20 Western Boulevard, Leicester LE2 7BU

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Update We have added a picture, courtesy of Mark Murrell, for the first of Colin Ramage‘s two visits to the show boards in the main arena. So click the link to Day 6 below, then scroll down to Round 2 of the AM Open.

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Last round today. All games start at 10:00 am which allows for play-off for the British Championship, if needed.

Keen Essex interest is engaged in the Major Open and the Over 50, where FM Andrew Lewis (Major Open) and Essex Champion, FM Bob Eames (Over 50), are playing for top spot in their respective events. Andrew has White against Mikhail Sedykh, but Bob Eames has the tougher task, Black against GM Keith Arkell.

British Championship live games on – multi-board view

Max Pert, the U16 Championship having finished, gets a game as a filler in the main British Championship. Thus, we have IM Richard Pert and his twin brother GM Nick Pert, and Richard’s son and daughter, Max and Nina Pert; four players from the same family playing in a round of the British Championship simultaneously. Has this ever occurred before?

831WIMYao, Lan2242(5)½-½(5)IMPert, Richard G24218
2337Stoica, Savas Marin2156(3½)1-0(3½)Weersing, Abigail R191961
2563Volovich, Julia1811(3)0-1(3)WCMPert, Nina P202154
3064Pert, Max P1936(0)½-½(2½)Shaw, Peter206650
Max’s rating of 1936 shown in the pairings on the BCC website, is his FIDE rating, whereas the U16 pairings have been using his ECF rating of 2140.


423IMLedger, Andrew J2299(5)(5)GMPert, Nicholas25362

Major Open live games on – in multi-board view

Congratulations to FM Andrew Lewis =1 in the Major Open with 7/9, on which score he was joined by Mikhail Sedykh, IM Brandon Clarke and former Essex Junior, Aditya Verma.

12FMLewis, Andrew P2235(6½)½-½(6½)Sedykh, Mikhail20848
2039Rida, Ruqayyah1828(4)1-0(4)Macqueen, Andrew175951
2234Freeman, Ashley1846(3½)1-0(3½)Davis, Timothy J173754
2873Dayal, Samar1433(3)1-0(3)WCMSheikh, Anum174452
3074Gamage Ranasinghe, Yuman Ranjula1100(2½)0-1(2½)Berkley, Stephen W158767

Over 50 live games on – in multi-board view (top 6 only)

11GMArkell, Keith C2392(5)1-0(5)FMEames, Robert S212410
2232Mueller, Jens1862(1)0not paired
53Binks, Michael E214040d14Myall, Ivan J192722
928Moore, John C1886½-½Stokes, Mike R194020
1338Ramage, Colin R180230-13Habershon, Paul F189027

The last day of intense activity: while there is one more day in this year’s “British”, tomorrow is just the last round of the British Championship, the Major Open and the Seniors events.

Today also sees the last rounds in the Junior Championships, the AM and PM Weekday tournaments and the third Rapid (morning and afternoon).

In the event, the 3rd Rapid U1450 nearly produced Essex’ first winner this year. Sergey was leading at the start of the last round, but lost, so was overtaken for first place. Even so, it was a good event for Essex, with Sergey and Ashwin Gopikrishna sharing =3rd on 5½/7 and all Essex participants scored 50% or better.

RdBdTNWhite    TitleBlack TN
R1115Pert, Max P2024(0)½  not pairedHPB 
R2412Sanada, Tetsuaki1908(1)0-1(½) Pert, Max P20245
R335Pert, Max P2024(1½)½-½(1½) Mason, Donald J21352
R448Madhavan, Sanjith1987(2)1-0(2) Pert, Max P20245
R555Pert, Max P2024(2)0-1(2) Gnanagurusamy, Ganeshbabu179617
R677Biermann, Florian1987(2)0-1(2) Pert, Max P20245
R765Pert, Max P2024(3)1-0(2½)ACMKairat, Alexander174519
RdBdTNWhite    Black TN
R159Puthanveettil, Joshua1411(0)1d0(0)Williams, Alfie100042
R11015Pereslavtsev, Sergey1392(0)1-0(0)Norton, Oscar88648
R11355Suresh, Karun755(0)1-0(0)Moustafa, Ibrahim130421
R12925Gopikrishna, Ashwin1274(0)½ not pairedHPB 
R1813Sharma, Mihir1400(0)1-0(0)Manikandan, Maadesh93146
R2327Gray, Anna1237(1)0-1(1)Puthanveettil, Joshua14119
R2533Zheng, Lucas1085(1)0-1(1)Pereslavtsev, Sergey139215
R2955Suresh, Karun755(1)½-½(1)Eru, Hugo130022
R21449Patel, Parisa873(½)0-1(½)Gopikrishna, Ashwin127425
R22452Lath, Shlok843(½)0-1(0)Manikandan, Maadesh93146
R329Puthanveettil, Joshua1411(2)1-0(2)Pinna-Chapman, Freya138716
R3415Pereslavtsev, Sergey1392(2)1-0(2)Tomsett, Jonah127724
R3525Gopikrishna, Ashwin1274(1½)0-1(1½)Bettam, Ray14383
R3814Ekum, Daniel1394(1½)1-0(1½)Suresh, Karun75555
R31846Manikandan, Maadesh931(1)0-1(1)Van Neerven, Yvon122828
R419Puthanveettil, Joshua1411(3)0-1(3)Pereslavtsev, Sergey139215
R41336Gray, Kate1050(2)0-1(1½)Gopikrishna, Ashwin127425
R41741Saxena, Reyansh1001(1½)0-1(1½)Suresh, Karun75555
R42446Manikandan, Maadesh931(1)1-0(1)Ewbank, Robin062
R5113Sharma, Mihir1400(4)½-½(4)Pereslavtsev, Sergey139215
R5540Ewart, Thomas1002(3)1-0(3)Puthanveettil, Joshua14119
R51225Gopikrishna, Ashwin1274(2½)1-0(2½)Zheng, Lucas108533
R51355Suresh, Karun755(2½)1-0(2)James, Callum140710
R51830Mehta, Hatle1190(2)1-0(2)Manikandan, Maadesh93146
R6215Pereslavtsev, Sergey1392(4½)1-0(4)Coupe, Jon137218
R6525Gopikrishna, Ashwin1274(3½)1-0(3½)Donald, Jamie140011
R6820Kilmartin, David1315(3½)1-0(3½)Suresh, Karun75555
R6109Puthanveettil, Joshua1411(3)1-0(3)Martin, Tye14374
R62346Manikandan, Maadesh931(2)1-0(2)Kotha, Vedant107035
R7115Pereslavtsev, Sergey1392(5½)0-1(5)O’donnell, Elliot14257
R7530Mehta, Hatle1190(4)0-1(4½)Gopikrishna, Ashwin127425
R7718Coupe, Jon1372(4)1-0(4)Puthanveettil, Joshua14119
R71355Suresh, Karun755(3½)0-1(3½)Van Neerven, Yvon122828
R71736Gray, Kate1050(3)0-1(3)Manikandan, Maadesh93146

British Championship live games on – multi-board view

BdTNTitleWhite    TitleBlack TN
68IMPert, Richard G2421(4½)½-½(4½)FMClaridge-Hansen, William233219
1961 Weersing, Abigail R1919(3½)(3½) Boswell, Jacob Connor216336
2454WCMPert, Nina P2021(3)0-1(3) Shearsby, Jude207647

Major Open live games on – in multi-board view

BdTNTitleWhite    TitleBlack TN
12FMLewis, Andrew P2235(6)½-½(5½)IMClarke, Brandon Gi24861
2334 Freeman, Ashley1846(3)½-½(3) Pang, Ethan155370
2539 Rida, Ruqayyah1828(3)1-0(3) Sinclair, Colin165261
3152WCMSheikh, Anum1744(2)1-0(2) Chantrell, Paul157669
3267 Berkley, Stephen W1587(2)½-½(2) Graham, Danny171557

Over 50 live games on – in multi-board view (top 6 only)

BdTNTitleWhite    TitleBlack TN
210FMEames, Robert S2124(4)1-0(4)FMDuncan, Chris R21916
2232 Mueller, Jens1862(1)0  not paired  
BdTNTitleWhite    TitleBlack TN
222 Myall, Ivan J1927(4)0-1(4)WGMJackson, Sheila20399
629AIMFryer, David W1880(3½)1-0(3½) Moore, John C188628
1424 Hawkins, James N1910(2½)½-½(2½) Ramage, Colin R180238
BdTNWhite    TitleBlack TN
33Madhavan, Sanjith2065(4½)½-½(4) Pert, Max P21401
1023Ananyev, Yaroslav1564(2½)0-1(2½)AFMLatypova, Olga L18559
1120Wills, Jack1674(2½)0-1(2½) Afonso, Davi Diniz161522
BdTNWhite    Black TN
167Catabay, Mae C1762(2½)½-½(2½)Mehta, Sophie148825
BdTNWhite    Black TN
420De Silva, Sithun1664(4½)1-0(4½)Pereslavtsev, Alexandr18803
74Ward, Cian1874(4)0-1(4)Catabay, Rezin C170416
3535Puthanveettil, Joshua1445(3)0 not paired  
BdTNWhite    Black TN
32Kryshtafor, Maksym1858(4½)1-0(4½)Veselow, Zoe17205
716Saharkar, Sharvari1420(4)0-1(3½)Anjulan, Ashwin146614
1843Sarwar, Adam854(2)0-1(2½)Gopikrishna, Ashwin88140
BdTNWhite    Black TN
825Feng, Hao-Hsuan824(3)0-1(3)Cawdery, Mary89121
159Staniland, Philip1908(3½)0 not paired
1718Latypov, Egor L1804(2½)0 not paired
1820Colclough, Ryan1795(3)0 not paired
BdTNWhite    Black TN
1126Weersing, Nathan1526(2)1d0(2)Crompton, Robert16624
1428Fraser, Chris A1508(1½)1-0(1½)Jestico, John V146634
BdTNTitleWhite    Black TN
934 Staniland, Philip1908(2½)0-1(2½)Gilmore, Simon N21219
1032 Bedi, Adam1926(2½)½-½(2½)Freeman, Ashley197127
1233 Ramage, Colin R1920(2)½-½(2)James, Russell A209611
1730WCMSheikh, Anum1940(1½)1d0(1)Brown, Tom201721
BdTNWhite    Black TN
615Murrell, Mark R A1800(3½)½-½(3)Peer, Musa179119
1118Willoughby, Christopher1794(2½)0-1(2½)Coleman, Frederick18506
1332Berkley, Stephen W1742(2½)½-½(2½)Livesey, R Nigel181113
1516Willoughby, Andrew P1797(2½)½-½(2½)Li, Xiaofan167337
1634Schmerwitz, Reinhard1683(2½)½-½(2½)Colclough, Ryan179517
BdTNWhite    Black TN
61Gilbert, David J1603(2½)0-1(2½)Jardine, Kenneth15377
712Jestico, John V1466(2½)1-0(2)Chu, Yin146213

British Championship live games on – multi-board view

Richard’s game turned into a 125 move marathon. He let a winning advantage slip and, while Richard was still the exchange to the good, his efforts to revive his winning chances led to a position on move 74 in which all the pawns had disappeared and it was Richard’s rook against White’s bishop. Table base analysis reports 82% the draw, while only an 18% chance of the bishop losing and that includes moves which simply put the bishop en prise. The one factor in Richard’s favour was the clock: both players were within their last five minutes (plus increments); easier to play the attack than the defence. Richard tried to induce an error from White until, at move 125, he concluded that White knew how to defend this ending, even with short time.

BdTNTitleWhite    TitleBlack TN
530CMTurner, Max N2252(4)½-½(4)IMPert, Richard G24218
2543 Burrows, Martin P2101(2½)0-1(2½) Weersing, Abigail R191961
2854WCMPert, Nina P2021(2)1-0(1½) Starley, Robert206451

Major Open live games on – in multi-board view
At the moment, the links in are wrongly referenced. To see today’s games, you need to select “Round 3 28 July”. This may be corrected.

BdTNWhite    TitleBlack TN
118Sanger, Jake M1933(5)½-½(5½)FMLewis, Andrew P22352
1822Young, Daniel J1913(3)1-0(3) Rida, Ruqayyah182839
2561Sinclair, Colin1652(2½)½-½(2½) Freeman, Ashley184634
2965Twisk, Sebastian1599(2)1-0(2)WCMSheikh, Anum174452
3367Berkley, Stephen W1587(1½)½-½(1½) Cossins-Smith, Joe075

Over 50 live games on – in multi-board view (top 6 only)

BdTNWhite    TitleBlack TN
19Graham, David B2151½-½FMEames, Robert S212410
2132Mueller, Jens186210  not paired 

Over 65 live games on – Boards 1-13

BdTNWhite    Black TN
613Kelly, Ian G1987(3)0-1(3)Myall, Ivan J192722
728Moore, John C1886(3)½-½(3)Hutchinson, Norman A198214
1438Ramage, Colin R1802(2)½-½(2)Campbell, Ian195218

Junior Championships on lichess

BdTNTitleWhite    Black TN
22 Pal, Rohan2079(4)½-½(3½)Pert, Max P21401
1222 Afonso, Davi Diniz1615(2)½-½(1½)Sengupta, Sohana151025
149AFMLatypova, Olga L1855(1½)1 bye  
BdTNTitleWhite    Black TN
31 Pert, Max P2140(3)½-½(3)Sachdeva, Ronit20266
119AFMLatypova, Olga L1855(1)½-½(1)Sengupta, Sohana151025
1329 Ewart, Samuel1086(1)0-1(1)Afonso, Davi Diniz161522

Junior Championships on lichess

BdTNWhite    Black TN
1443Sohi, Aarav1230(2)½-½(2)Catabay, Mae C17627
BdTNWhite    Black TN
107Catabay, Mae C1762(2)0-1(2)Kalaiyalahan, Aishwarya138934

U12 live games on – in multi-board view (top 13 boards)

BdTNWhite    Black TN
33Pereslavtsev, Alexandr1880(4)½ – ½(4)Yu, Rock18628
935Puthanveettil, Joshua1445(3)0 – 1(3)Nguyen, Anh19062
1242Patel, Diah1369(3)0 – 1(3)Catabay, Rezin C170416
BdTNWhite    Black TN
416Catabay, Rezin C1704(3)1-0(3)Pereslavtsev, Alexandr18803
2235Puthanveettil, Joshua1445(2)1-0(2)Merchant, Samuel129149

U10 live games on – in multi-board view

BdTNWhite    Black TN
11Zhao, George1907(5)½-½(4)Veselow, Zoe17205
1129Bedford, Rudi1089(2½)0-1(2½)Anjulan, Ashwin146614
1940Gopikrishna, Ashwin881(1½)1-0(1½)Jha, Advay132820
BdTNWhite    Black TN
25Veselow, Zoe1720(1½)½-½(3)Pitel, Benedikt18173
814Anjulan, Ashwin1466(2½)0-1(2½)Mittal, Advik154411
1723Sriram, Gautam1305(1½)1-0(1½)Gopikrishna, Ashwin88140

U8 live games on – in multi-board view

BdTNWhite    Black TN
42Mulukutla, Ayaansh1522(3)1-0(3)Cawdery, Mary89121
BdTNWhite    Black TN
821Cawdery, Mary891(2)1-0(2)Smirnov, Artem105410
BdTNWhite    Black TN
19Staniland, Philip1908(3)½-½(4)Gordon, Sean19993
68Neale, George1918(2)1-0(2½)Latypov, Egor L180418
829Rao, Shree1599(2)0-1(2)Colclough, Ryan179520
BdTNWhite    Black TN
1111Singhal, Saket1617(2)1-0(2)Weersing, Nathan152626
1834Jestico, John V1466½1 bye  
BdTNWhite    TitleBlack TN
527Freeman, Ashley1971(2½)0-1(2½) Verma, Aditya22472
1217Collinson, Mark I2034(2)1-0(2) Ramage, Colin R192033
1334Staniland, Philip1908(1½)1-0(1½) Kothari, Jai202720
1510Orgler, Philipp2110(1)½-½(1)WCMSheikh, Anum194030
BdTNWhite    Black TN
22Gartside, Carl1895½-½3Murrell, Mark R A180015
54Khan, Mohammed1873(2½)1-0(2½)Willoughby, Christopher179418
617Colclough, Ryan1795(2½)0-1(2½)Clegg, Robert18605
106Coleman, Frederick1850(2)½-½(2)Berkley, Stephen W174232
1441Kumar, Arnav1649(2)½-½(2)Willoughby, Andrew P179716
BdTNWhite    Black TN
47Jardine, Kenneth1537(2½)0-1(2½)Dunne, David C144814
917Brown, Stephanie1406(1½)0-1(1½)Jestico, John V146612

Mixture as before, with the addition, in the evening, of the Junior Blitz, starting at 18:00 with nine rounds of G3+2. As with the other speed events, this page will update with the pairings and results after the event.

Junior Blitz pairings and results: Open | U1600 – starts at 18:00

RdBdTNTitleWhite    TitleBlack TN
R1813 Madhavan, Sanjith179300-10 Pert, Max P161438
R11623 Catabay, Mae C171201-00 Leung, Hao Ran143247
R12911WCMSheikh, Anum18110½  not paired  
R13018WCMPert, Nina P17350½  not paired  
R2738 Pert, Max P161411-01 Humphreys, Benjamin172321
R2841 Hariharan, Shambavi152810-11 Catabay, Mae C171223
R22811WCMSheikh, Anum1811½½  not paired  
R22918WCMPert, Nina P1735½½  not paired  
R3123 Catabay, Mae C171220-12 Badacsonyi, Stanley22312
R3438 Pert, Max P161420-12 Cancedda-Dupuis, Livio18629
R32918WCMPert, Nina P173510  not paired  
R476 Banerjee, Supratit191821-02 Pert, Max P161438
R41144 Kairat, Alexander148621-02 Catabay, Mae C171223
R42045 Parikh, Naavya147610-11WCMPert, Nina P173518
R51018WCMPert, Nina P173521-0 Hariharan, Shambavi152841
R51538 Pert, Max P161421-02 Burnton, Joshua173319
R51723 Catabay, Mae C171221-02 Xu, Jiarui140051
R6723 Catabay, Mae C171230-13FMHan, Yichen23551
R6912 Vaidyanathan, Adithya181030-13 Pert, Max P161438
R61118WCMPert, Nina P173531-03 Sisupalan, Beni158540
R7738 Pert, Max P161441-04 Zhu, Pengxiao175916
R7844 Kairat, Alexander148640-14WCMPert, Nina P173518
R7113 Mathur, Pranav202631-03 Catabay, Mae C171223
R845 Kothari, Jai19515½-½5 Pert, Max P161438
R8518WCMPert, Nina P173551-05 Lebedev, Lion18657
R81848 Bates, Hubert142430-13 Catabay, Mae C171223
R912 Badacsonyi, Stanley22311-06WCMPert, Nina P173518
R9438 Pert, Max P16141-0 Patel, Zain19724
R91223 Catabay, Mae C171240-14 Madhavan, Sanjith179313
Nina joined the blitz from R4 with two HPBs. Anum also with two HPBs did not play.
RdBdTNWhite    Black TN
R1339Shanks, Ernest132601-00Wynn, Jacob R15843
R144Nargund, Sujan155901-00Gopikrishna, Ashwin132340
R12157Suresh, Karun103500-10Pai, Sidhanth143821
R12222Catabay, Rezin C142401-00Bedford, Henry102558
R12359Kulibaev, Richard97400-10Anjulan, Ashwin141823
R12424Puthanveettil, Joshua14110½-½0Qin, Charlie90960
R211Mathur, Vihaan160111-01Catabay, Rezin C142422
R2223Anjulan, Ashwin141810-11Walia, Michael Kanishk15992
R21519Veeturi, Yashvardhan144810-11Shanks, Ernest132639
R21856Pugaciauskas, Dominic1077½0-1½Puthanveettil, Joshua141124
R22538Helsby, Matthew132701-00Suresh, Karun103557
R22640Gopikrishna, Ashwin132301-00Kulibaev, Richard97459
R3639Shanks, Ernest132620-12Kryshtafor, Maksym15279
R31024Puthanveettil, Joshua1411½-½Mitraka, Chrysa135632
R31512Rughani, Mahin151511-01Gopikrishna, Ashwin132340
R31922Catabay, Rezin C142411-01Murthy, Arush Ajai117850
R32045Ding, Yicheng128410-11Anjulan, Ashwin141823
R33357Suresh, Karun103501-00Qin, Oscar79166
R41221Pai, Sidhanth143820-12Shanks, Ernest132639
R41344Sui, Yueyue129020-12Catabay, Rezin C142422
R41423Anjulan, Ashwin141821-02Anbalagan, Amarishika127247
R41548Blin, Henri122121-02Puthanveettil, Joshua141124
R42536Spirling, Florence1338133811-01Suresh, Karun103557
R42740Gopikrishna, Ashwin132311-01Tang, Ayanna5756
R5423Anjulan, Ashwin141831-03Mathur, Vihaan16011
R5839Shanks, Ernest132631-03Czarnuch, Dominic148215
R51022Catabay, Rezin C142431-03Kapitanski, Furion111952
R51818Chandrashekhar, Druha14492½-½2Gopikrishna, Ashwin132340
R52024Puthanveettil, Joshua141121-02Zheng, Lucas131541
R53257Suresh, Karun103511-01Mun, Jasper73667
R635Shankar, Yashwardhan155141-04Anjulan, Ashwin141823
R6639Shanks, Ernest132640-14Catabay, Rezin C142422
R61211Whitney, Dylan151831-03Puthanveettil, Joshua141124
R6178Anbalagan, Amanthika15411-0Gopikrishna, Ashwin132340
R62430Eradi, Madhav137321-02Suresh, Karun103557
R7222Catabay, Rezin C142450-15Shankar, Yashwardhan15515
R7723Anjulan, Ashwin141841-04Railwani, Tavish15467
R7104Nargund, Sujan15590-14Shanks, Ernest132639
R71624Puthanveettil, Joshua141131-03Helsby, Matthew132738
R72440Gopikrishna, Ashwin13231-0Lath, Shlok84264
R72612Rughani, Mahin151521-02Suresh, Karun103557
R8422Catabay, Rezin C142451-05Ayaansh, Mulukutla152210
R8539Shanks, Ernest132650-15Sykes, Robin148414
R8623Anjulan, Ashwin14185½-½5Czarnuch, Dominic148215
R8111Mathur, Vihaan160141-04Puthanveettil, Joshua14112
R81940Gopikrishna, Ashwin13230-1Mitraka, Chrysa13563
R83257Suresh, Karun103521-02Tang, Ayanna57569
R9116Schell, Finn145981-06Catabay, Rezin C142422
R958Anbalagan, Amanthika15411-0Anjulan, Ashwin141823
R91010Ayaansh, Mulukutla152251-05Shanks, Ernest132639
R91824Puthanveettil, Joshua141140-14Sui, Yueyue129044
R92352Kapitanski, Furion11190-1Gopikrishna, Ashwin13234
R93057Suresh, Karun103530-13Humphreys, Jake072

British Championship live games on – multi-board view

BdTNTitleWhite    TitleBlack TN
58IMPert, Richard G2421(3½)½-½(3½)IMLedger, Andrew J229923
2951 Starley, Robert2064(1½)0-1(1½) Weersing, Abigail R191961
3152 Dignam, Matthew P2055(1)0-1(1)WCMPert, Nina P202154

Major Open live games on – in multi-board view

BdTNTitleWhite    TitleBlack TN
12FMLewis, Andrew P2235(4½)1-0(5) Verma, Shlok200012
1639 Rida, Ruqayyah1828(2½)½-½(2½) Brown, Tom195917
2134 Freeman, Ashley1846(2½)0-1(2½) Wilkinson, Daniel171258
2652WCMSheikh, Anum1744(2)0-1(2)WCMSivanandan, Bodhana183437
3672 Bellano, Harry1470(½)0-1(½) Berkley, Stephen W158767

Over 50 live games on

BdTNTitleWhite    Black TN
210FMEames, Robert S2124(2½)1-0(2½)Pitcher, John22065
2132 Mueller, Jens1862(1)0 not paired 

Over 65 live games on – Boards 1-13

BdTNWhite    Black TN
322Myall, Ivan J1927(2½)½-½(2½)Bray, Dave J197515
1012Moore, Geoffrey R1994(2)0-1(2)Moore, John C188628
2249Carpenter, David J1485(1)0-1(1)Ramage, Colin R180238

U16 Championship on lichess

BdTNWhite    TitleBlack TN
418Burnton, Joshua1730(2)0-1(2) Pert, Max P21401
1222Afonso, Davi Diniz1615(1)0-1(1) Ananyev, Yaroslav156423
1320Wills, Jack1674(½)½-½(½)AFMLatypova, Olga L18559
BdTNWhite    Black TN
1135Edwards, Leon1387(1½)½-½(1½)Catabay, Mae C17627

U12 live games on – in multi-board view (top 13 boards)

BdTNWhite    Black TN
13Pereslavtsev, Alexandr1880(3)0-1(3)Dairi, Ramsey169317
1016Catabay, Rezin C1704(2)1-0(2)Chandrashekhar, Druha151630
1321Kendall, Arthur1664(2)1-0(2)Puthanveettil, Joshua144535

U10 live games on – in multi-board view

BdTNWhite    Black TN
45Veselow, Zoe1720(2½)1-0(2½)Anjulan, Ashwin146614
1319Sewart, Daniel1374(1½)1-0(1½)Gopikrishna, Ashwin88140

U8 live games on – in multi-board view

BdTNWhite    Black TN
1023Li, Emmanuelle854(1)0-1(1)Cawdery, Mary89121
BdTNWhite    Black TN
420Colclough, Ryan1795(2)0-1(2)Staniland, Philip19089
518Latypov, Egor L1804(2)½-½(2)Vyas, Alisha187811
BdTNWhite    Black TN
68Horlock, Peter J1628(2)1-0(2)Weersing, Nathan152626
1634Jestico, John V1466(½)0-1(½)Joseph, Tomy154922
BdTNTitleWhite    Black TN
733 Ramage, Colin R1920(2)0-1(2)Surtees, Mike J21657
911 James, Russell A2096(1½)0-1(1½)Freeman, Ashley197127
1430WCMSheikh, Anum1940(1)0-1(1)Gilmore, Simon N21219
1739 Orgler, Lukas H1594(½)0-1(½)Staniland, Philip190834
BdTNWhite    Black TN
632Berkley, Stephen W1742(2)0-1(2)Murrell, Mark R A180015
716Willoughby, Andrew P1797(2)0-1(2)Gonzales, Ceferino175829
1748Veeturi, Yashvardhan1628(1½)0-1(1½)Colclough, Ryan179517
1818Willoughby, Christopher1794(1½)1-0(1½)Li, Xiaofan167337
BdTNWhite    Black TN
33Pride, Stephen C1584(2)½-½(2)Jardine, Kenneth15377
912Jestico, John V1466(1)½-½(1)Revitt, Ian141715

Day 7 – 26 July 2023

British Championship – Round 5: 14:30

British Championship live games on – multi-board view

BdTNTitleWhite    TitleBlack TN
613IMEggleston, David J2358(3)0-1(2½)IMPert, Richard G24218
2561 Weersing, Abigail R1919(1½)0-1(1½) Merriman, James206748
2754WCMPert, Nina P2021(1)0-1(1) Mitra, Roman C217133

Major Open – Round 5:  14:30

Major Open live games on – in multi-board view

BdTNWhite    TitleBlack TN
210Dilley, Jason M2034(2½)0-1(2½)FMLewis, Andrew P22352
1014Sugden, John N1977(2½)1-0(2½) Freeman, Ashley184634
1223Patel, Zain1910(2½)1-0(2½) Rida, Ruqayyah182839
2422Young, Daniel J1913(1½)½-½(1½)WCMSheikh, Anum174452
3667Berkley, Stephen W1587(0)½-½(0) Laronde-Bennett, Sebastian161364


Over 50 – Round 3: 14:30

Over 50 live games on – in multi-board view (top 6 only)

BdTNTitleWhite    TitleBlack TN
527 Brown, Alan M1988(1½)0-1(1½)FMEames, Robert S212410
2041ACMStrugar, Ioan1359(0)0-1(0) Mueller, Jens186232

Over 65 – Round 3: 14:30

BdTNWhite    Black TN
411Hutchinson, Paul A1996(1½)½-½(2)Myall, Ivan J192722
628Moore, John C1886(1½)½-½(1½)Orton, Stephen La21334
2538Ramage, Colin R1802(0)1-0(0)Matthew, Ian G174543


U16 Championship

Round 3: 14:30

BdTNTitleWhite    Black TN
21 Pert, Max P2140(1½)½-½(2)Chan, Michelle Ngo Yu184810
129AFMLatypova, Olga L1855(0)½-½(½)Afonso, Davi Diniz161522

Round 2: 09:15

BdTNWhite    TitleBlack TN
112Ivan, Austin1818(1)½-½(1) Pert, Max P21401
1021Patel, Keatan1624(0)1-0(0)AFMLatypova, Olga L18559
1122Afonso, Davi Diniz1615(0)½-½(0) Buckland, Louis183611

U14 Championship

Round 3: 14:30

BdTNWhite    Black TN
107Catabay, Mae C1762(1)½-½(1)Leung, Hao Ran143229

Round 2: 09:15

BdTNWhite    Black TN
520Roul, Tushar1545(1)1-0(1)Catabay, Mae C17627

U12 Championship

U12 live games on – in multi-board view (top 13 boards)

Round 3: 14:30

BdTNWhite    Black TN
314Lebedev, Lion1719(2)0-1(2)Pereslavtsev, Alexandr18803
56Vaidyanathan, Adithya1870(2)1-0(2)Catabay, Rezin C170416
2335Puthanveettil, Joshua1445(1)1-0(1)Gullapelly, Kshetragna54369

Round 2: 09:15

33Pereslavtsev, Alexandr1880(1)1-0(1)Pandya, Dhairya166022
1569Gullapelly, Kshetragna543(1)0-1(1)Catabay, Rezin C170416
2153Singh, Avyanna1246(0)0-1(0)Puthanveettil, Joshua144535

U10 Championship

U10 live games on – in multi-board view

Round 3: 14:30

BdTNWhite    Black TN
48Railwani, Tavish16362½-½2Veselow, Zoe17205
640Gopikrishna, Ashwin8810-1Pitel, Benedikt18173
714Anjulan, Ashwin14661-0Horwood, Alexander144215

Round 2: 09:15

BdTNWhite    Black TN
33Pitel, Benedikt1817(1)½-½(1)Anjulan, Ashwin146614
55Veselow, Zoe1720(1)1-0(1)Saharkar, Sharvari142016
1324Edwards, Laurence1263(½)0-1(½)Gopikrishna, Ashwin88140

U8 Championship

U8 live games on – in multi-board view

Round 3: 14:30

BdTNWhite    Black TN
521Cawdery, Mary89110-11Konara, Nuvee12724

Round 2: 09:15

BdTNWhite    Black TN
1321Cawdery, Mary89101-00Tang, Sara73428


Afternoon U2050 – Round 3: 14:30

BdTNWhite    Black TN
39Staniland, Philip1908(1½)½-½(1½)Latypov, Egor L180418
913Bingham, James T1860(1)0-1(1)Colclough, Ryan179520

Afternoon U1750 – Round 3: 14:30

BdTNWhite    Black TN
1126Weersing, Nathan1526(1)1-0(1)Morris, Nigel W159618
1434Jestico, John V1466(½)0-1(½)Zigmond, Andrew16477

Morning Open – Round 3: 09:15

AM Open live games on – boards 1-18, multi-board view

BdTNTitleWhite    TitleBlack TN
31IMClarke, Brandon Gi25771-02 Ramage, Colin R192033
97 Surtees, Mike J216511-01WCMSheikh, Anum194030
1727 Freeman, Ashley1971½1-00 Orgler, Philipp211010
1834 Staniland, Philip19080½-½0 Jukes, Sam197726

Morning U1900 – Round 3: 09:15

BdTNWhite    Black TN
347Horlock, Peter J1628(2)1-0(2)Willoughby, Andrew P179716
1615Murrell, Mark R A1800(1)1-0(1)Mckenna, Joshua160052
2160Smithson, Sean1301(1)0-1(1)Berkley, Stephen W174232
2259Yi, Louis1443(1)0-1(½)Willoughby, Christopher179418
2417Colclough, Ryan1795(½)1-0(½)Homer, Neil S164842

Morning U1600 – Round 3: 09:15

BdTNWhite    Black TN
613Chu, Yin1462(1)0-1(1)Jardine, Kenneth15377
1112Jestico, John V1466(0)1 bye  

Day 6 – 25 July 2023

Just the Weekday AM sections this morning.

But the action hots up in the afternoon with the start of the five Junior sections. Lots of talented Essex stars here.

The second of three Blitz events will be held this evening, nine rounds of G3+2

2nd Blitz

Nina was entered for the blitz but had a long game in the Major Open, which finished close to or even overlapped the start time for the Blitz. She was afforded a half point bye in each of the first two rounds, but naturally was not wanting to follow a 4½ game with a G3+2 9-Round blitz, so understandably withdrew.

Max had an excellent tournament, reaching Board 1 in R5 and losing only the two games against titled players (an IM and an FM), for a final score of 6/9 and a spectacular performance rating of 2159 (+545 over his starting blitz rating of 1614).

Here’s the link to the 2nd Blitz Open live games


RdBdTNTitleWhite    TitleBlack TN
R11314 Badacsonyi, Frankie2050(0)1-0(0) Catabay, Mae C171261
R13536 Cancedda-Dupuis, Livio1862(0)0-1(0) Pert, Max P161483
R1 56WCMPert, Nina P1735(0)½  HPB  
R21983 Pert, Max P1614(1)1-0(1) Garrett, Peter A190528
R23241WCMSheikh, Anum1811(0)½-½(0) Sheikh, Nasarullah164576
R24161 Catabay, Mae C1712(0)0-1(0) Pradhan, Ayan139792
R24956WCMPert, Nina P1735(0)½  HPB  
R3822 Fellowes, Billy1967(2)0-1(2) Pert, Max P161483
R31756WCMPert, Nina P1735(1)0d1(1) Green, Michael204915
R33382 Di-Vetta, Andrew1615(½)0-1(½)WCMSheikh, Anum181141
R3 61 Catabay, Mae C1712(0)  Withdrawn  
R3 56WCMPert, Nina P1735(1)  Withdrawn  
R4483 Pert, Max P1614(3)1-0(2½) Mihalik, Agoston21487
R42541WCMSheikh, Anum1811(1½)½-½(1½) Kumar, Sachin160884
R511IMClarke, Brandon Gi2414(4)1-0(4) Pert, Max P161483
R52572 Li, Xiaofan1673(2)1-0(2)WCMSheikh, Anum181141
R6783 Pert, Max P1614(4)½-½(4) Banerjee, Supratit191826
R62641WCMSheikh, Anum1811(2)1-0(2) Wills, Jack165575
R7632 Phan, Stefanus1873(4½)0-1(4½) Pert, Max P161483
R72478 Freeman, Luke1639(3)0-1(3)WCMSheikh, Anum181141
R832FMHan, Yichen2355(5½)1-0(5½) Pert, Max P161483
R81841WCMSheikh, Anum1811(4)1-0(4) Madhavan, Sanjith179346
R9783 Pert, Max P1614(5½)½-½(5½) Babu, Rahul186335
R999 Shearsby, Jude2107(5)1-0(5)WCMSheikh, Anum181141

British Championship – Round 4: 14:30

British Championship live games on – multi-board view

After being held to three draws, Richard chalks up his first win with a scintillating attack.

BdTNTitleWhite    TitleBlack TN
8 IMPert, Richard G2421(1½)1-0(1½) Unnikrishnan, Midhun P216835
2833 Mitra, Roman C2171(½)½-½(1) Weersing, Abigail R191961
3044WFMKueh, Audrey2096(½)½-½(½)WCMPert, Nina P202154

Major Open – Round 4: 14:30

Major Open live games on – in multi-board view

BdTNTitleWhite    Black TN
32FMLewis, Andrew P2235(2½)1-0(2½)Sugden, John N197714
2062 Whittington, Reece W1624(1½)0-1(1½)Freeman, Ashley184634
2339 Rida, Ruqayyah1828(1½)1-0(1½)Dayal, Samar143373
3352WCMSheikh, Anum1744(½)1-0(½)Bellano, Harry147072
3565 Twisk, Sebastian1599(0)1-0(0)Berkley, Stephen W158767


Over 50 – Round 2: 14:30

Over 50 live games on – in multi-board view (top 6 only)

BdTNTitleWhite    TitleBlack TN
1010FMEames, Robert S2124(½)1-0(½) Giulian, Rosemary A185533
1432 Mueller, Jens1862(0)0-1(0)FMLedger, Dave J21907

Over 65 – Round 2: 14:30

BdTNWhite    Black TN
322Myall, Ivan J1927(1)1-0(1)Morley, Andrew J20895
126Raynes, Paul2062(½)0-1(½)Moore, John C188628
2114Hutchinson, Norman A1982(0)1-0(0)Ramage, Colin R180238


U16 Championship – Round 1: 14:30

BdTNTitleWhite    Black  
11 Pert, Max P2140(0)1-0(0)Sharma, Josh176516
77 Evans, Ruben Nangalia1966(0)1-0(0)Afonso, Davi Diniz161522
99AFMLatypova, Olga L1855(0)0-1(0)Wynn, Jacob R155824

U14 Championship – Round 1: 14:30

BdTNWhite    Black TN
77Catabay, Mae C1762(0)1-0(0)Gadiot, Ashton141531

U12 Championship – Round 1: 14:30

U12 live games on – in multi-board view (top 13 boards)

BdTNWhite    Black TN
135Puthanveettil, Joshua1445(0)0-1(0)Soulier, Alfred19721
337Pai, Sidhanth1438(0)0-1(0)Pereslavtsev, Alexandr18803
1616Catabay, Rezin C1704(0)1-0(0)Tagg, George125351

U10 Championship – Round 1: 14:30

U10 live games on – in multi-board view

BdTNWhite    Black TN
530Babu, Rohan1087(0)0-1(0)Veselow, Zoe17205
1414Anjulan, Ashwin1466(0)1-0(0)Wen, Max89039
1540Gopikrishna, Ashwin881(0)½-½(0)Horwood, Alexander144215

U8 Championship – Round 1: 14:30

U8 live games on – in multi-board view

RdTNWhite    Black TN
77Kapitanski, Furion1107(0)1-0(0)Cawdery, Mary89121


Afternoon U2050 Round 2: 14:30

BdTN White   Black TN
728Mckenna, Joshua1600(½)0-1(½)Staniland, Philip19089
1018Latypov, Egor L1804(½)1-0(½)Fernando, Manel162727
1220Colclough, Ryan1795(0)1-0(0)Livesey, R Nigel181116

Afternoon U1750 – Round 2: 14:30

BdTNWhite    Black  
814Morris, Simon1604(1)1-0(1)Weersing, Nathan152626
114Crompton, Robert1662(0)1-0(½)Jestico, John V146634

Morning Open – Round 2: 09:15

AM Open live games on – boards 1-18, multi-board view
Or click the board numbers for individual games.

BdTNTitleWhite    Black TN
433 Ramage, Colin R1920(1)1-0(1)Gilmore, Simon N21219
1130WCMSheikh, Anum1940(½)½-½(½)Badacsonyi, Stanley21905
1516 Hodge, Steve R2035(0)1-0(0)Staniland, Philip190834
1839 Orgler, Lukas H1594(0)½-½(0)Freeman, Ashley197127
The first of Colin’s two visits to the show boards in the main arena, this in the AM Open. Colin (left) v Simon Gilmore.
(The game is given below.) [Photo: Mark Murrell]

Morning U1900 – Round 2: 09:15

BdTNWhite    Black TN
716Willoughby, Andrew P1797(1)1-0(1)Smithson, Sean130160
1032Berkley, Stephen W1742(½)½-½(½)Khan, Mohammed18734
1646Shaddick, John1637(½)½-½(½)Murrell, Mark R A180015
1744Mottram, Paul1642(½)1-0(½)Colclough, Ryan179517
2418Willoughby, Christopher1794(0)½-½(0)Mathur, Pranav166239

Morning U1600 – Round 2: 09:15

BdTNWhite    Black TN
27Jardine, Kenneth1537(1)0-1(1)Mathur, Vihaan16012
724Mehrgan, Mehrsam1118(½)1-0(0)Jestico, John V146612

Day 5 – 24 July 2023

All change! Well, almost all. The Championship and the Major Open are here for the duration, but the Weekenders have finished to be replaced by the AM and PM Weekday tournaments and the two Senior age groups. So lots of action.

If that’s not enough for you, there is also the second of the Rapid events, this one in the afternoon/evening at the fast rapid rate of G10+5, for seven rounds. The website will not be attempting to keep up with this fast moving event, so we’ll add the results retrospectively. Here are the links to the BCC Pairings and results. The Essex players involved are listed to the bottom of the right side panel, this page.

2nd Rapid links: 2nd Rapid Open | 2nd Rapid U1750 | 2nd Rapid U1450

Tomorrow, the Junior age groups get added to the mix!

British Championship – Round 3: 14:30

British Championship live games on

British Championship live games on – multi-board view

BdTNTitleWhite    TitleBlack TN
1338CMVilliers, Thomas2140(1)½-½(1)IMPert, Richard G24218
2061 Weersing, Abigail R1919(1)0-1(1) Jones, Steven A217532
2827IMKolbus, Dietmar2270(0)1-0(½)WCMPert, Nina P202154

Major Open – Round 3: 14:30

Major Open live games on

Major Open live games on – multi-board view

BdTNTitleWhite    TitleBlack TN
568 Bennett, Max1583(2)0-1(1½)FMLewis, Andrew P22352
914 Sugden, John N1977(1½)1-0(1½) Rida, Ruqayyah182839
2234 Freeman, Ashley1846(1)½-½(1)ACMLishoy Gengis Paratazham, Dildarav161863
2752WCMSheikh, Anum1744(½)0-1(½) Badacsonyi, Stanley197615
3447 Pilley, Jack1785(0)1-0(0) Berkley, Stephen W158767


Over 50 – Round 1: 14:30

Over 50 live games on – showing in multi-board view (top 6 only)

BdTNTitleWhite    TitleBlack TN
1029 Ledger, Stephen C1978(0)½-½(0)FMEames, Robert S212410
1313FMWalker, Martin G2079(0)1-0(0) Mueller, Jens186232

Over 65 – Round 1: 14:30

Over 65 live games on – but no games apparently showing yet.

BdTNWhite    TitleBlack TN
228Moore, John C1886(0)½-½(0)FMGiulian, Philip M21412
1238Ramage, Colin R1802(0)0-1(0) Moore, Geoffrey R199412
2248Willoughby, Robert H1564(0)0-1(0) Myall, Ivan J192722


Afternoon U2050 – Round 1: 14:30

BdTNWhite    Black TN
44Clarke, Ian J1981(0)1-0(0)Colclough, Ryan179520
89Staniland, Philip1908(0)½-½(0)Di-Vetta, Andrew177624
1618Latypov, Egor L1804(0)½ not paired 

Afternoon U1750 – Round 1: 14:30

BdTNWhite    Black TN
726Weersing, Nathan1526(0)1-0(0)Zigmond, Andrew16477
1534Jestico, John V1466(0)½-½(0)O Hanlon, Joseph159716

2nd Rapid Open

RdBdTNWhite    Black TN
R135Pert, Max P2024(0)1 – 0(0)Graff, Ben178026
R11316Humphreys, Stuart1931(0)0 – 1(0)Catabay, Mae C165336
R2318Ashworth, Robert M1892(1)0 – 1(1)Pert, Max P20245
R2736Catabay, Mae C1653(1)0 – 1(1)Kothari, Jai196611
R325Pert, Max P2024(2)0 – 1(2)Vaidyanathan, Adithya198210
R31321Honarvarmahalati, Hooman1862(1)0 – 1(1)Catabay, Mae C165336
R445Pert, Max P2024(2)0 – 1(2½)Chopra, Manmay188419
R4736Catabay, Mae C1653(2)½ – ½(2)Talbot, Nathan L196113
R5840Roul, Tushar1590(2½)½ – ½(2½)Catabay, Mae C165336
R51039Bhatia, Kanishka1619(2)1 – 0(2)Pert, Max P20245
R6636Catabay, Mae C1653(3)1 – 0(3)Royle, Alex19987
R61427Judd, Ian P1780(2)0 – 12)Pert, Max P20245
R751Clarke, Connor2202(4)1 – 0(4)Catabay, Mae C165336
R7105Pert, Max P2024(3)1 – 0(3)Lees, Nicholas177828

2nd Rapid U1750

RdBdTNWhite    Black  
R144Catabay, Rezin C1724(0)½ – ½(0)Eccleston, Bryony155428
R11943Anjulan, Ashwin1418(0)0 – 1(0)Rampling, Thomas162219
R21234Pradhan, Ayan1521(½)½ – ½(½)Catabay, Rezin C17244
R22443Anjulan, Ashwin1418(0)1 bye  
R394Catabay, Rezin C1724(1)1 – 0(1)Utinans, Janis156326
R31623Norris, Zack1591(1)½ – ½(1)Anjulan, Ashwin141843
R4619Rampling, Thomas1622(2)0 – 1(2)Catabay, Rezin C17244
R41443Anjulan, Ashwin1418(1½)0 – 1(1½)Ding, Yiwen166412
R524Catabay, Rezin C1724(3)1 – 0(3½)Chedd, Neil165117
R5166Ensor, Rob1712(1½)1 – 0(1½)Anjulan, Ashwin141843
R6225Godwin, Charles1567(4)1 – 0(4)Catabay, Rezin C17244
R62028Eccleston, Bryony1554(1½)½ – ½(1½)Anjulan, Ashwin141843
R744Catabay, Rezin C1724(4)1 – 0(4)Pandya, Dhairya166214
R72143Anjulan, Ashwin1418(2)1 – 0(1½)Horwood, Alexander135545

2nd Rapid U1450

RdBdTNWhite    Black TN
R11516Gopikrishna, Ashwin1274(0)½ – ½(0)McChrystal, Mario61733
R21121Chotai, Rishi1205(½)½ – ½(½)Gopikrishna, Ashwin127416
R31016Gopikrishna, Ashwin1274(1)1 – 0(1)Gunarathne, Miheli115923
R4416Gopikrishna, Ashwin1274(2)0 – 1(2)Kapitanski, Ivan13806
R51035Bing, Callum0(2)1 – 0(2)Gopikrishna, Ashwin127416
R61125Kapitanski, Furion1119(2)½ – ½(2)Gopikrishna, Ashwin127416
R71116Gopikrishna, Ashwin1274(2½)1 – 0(2½)Barber, James R13924


Morning Open – Round 1: 09:15

AM Open live games (DGT) – Boards 1-18

BdTNWhite    TitleBlack TN
727Freeman, Ashley1971(0)0-1(0) Phan, Stefanus21588
1011James, Russell A2096(0)½-½(0)WCMSheikh, Anum194030
1213Bansal, Saahil2065(0)0-1(0) Ramage, Colin R192033
1334Staniland, Philip1908(0)0-1(0) Banerjee, Supratit205914

Morning U1900 – Round 1: 09:15

AM U1900 live games (DGT) – The game board says “U1600” in the heading, but they’re showing the U1900 pairings.

BdTNWhite    Black  
22Gartside, Carl1895(0)½-½(0)Berkley, Stephen W174232
1415Murrell, Mark R A1800(0)½-½(0)Mottram, Paul164244
1545Merchant, Steve1641(0)0-1(0)Willoughby, Andrew P179716
1617Colclough, Ryan1795(0)½-½(0)Shaddick, John163746
1747Horlock, Peter J1628(0)0-1(0)Willoughby, Christopher179418

Morning U1600 – Round 1: 09:15

BdTNWhite    Black  
112Jestico, John V1466(0)0-1(0)Gilbert, David J16031
718Smith, Mark J1381(0)0d1(0)Jardine, Kenneth15377

Day 4 – 23 July 2023

British Championship – Round 2: 14:30

British Championship live games on

BdTNTitleWhite    Black TN
148IMPert, Richard G2421(½)½-½(½)Stoica, Savas Marin215637
1218FMBalaji, Aaravamudhan2334(1)1-0(1)Weersing, Abigail R191961
2754WCMPert, Nina P2021(0)½-½(0)Unnikrishnan, Midhun P216835

Major Open – Round 2: 14:30

Major Open on

BdTNTitleWhite    TitleBlack TN
12FMLewis, Andrew P2235(1)½-½(1)AIMRaju, Sooraj Menothuparambil186130
36FMDougherty, Michael2110(1)1-0(1) Freeman, Ashley184634
1715 Badacsonyi, Stanley1976(½)0-1(½) Rida, Ruqayyah182839
2421 Green, Michael1923(0)½-½(0)WCMSheikh, Anum174452
3067 Berkley, Stephen W1587(0)0-1(0)WCMSivanandan, Bodhana183437


Open Atkins

W/E Open Atkins live games (DGT) – all boards, 1-32.

Round 5 – 14:30

Max wins again to recover from his poor start and reach 60%.

BdTNWhite    Black TN
1233Borrowdale, Graham E2018(2)0-1(2)Pert, Max P214010

Round 4 – 09:15

Max wins a hairy game in which he gave up two rooks for queen and pawn. The Black rooks and two minor pieces then got stuck into the exposed White king and hounded it across the board, without being able to deliver a finish. Max’s 47 Bg4 put the cat among the pigeons and, now in acute time trouble, Black crumbled, with blunders on successive moves, first dropping a bishop then a rook and Max delivered mate after eight more moves.

BdTNWhite    Black TN
2210Pert, Max P2140(1)1-0(1)Bridgeman, Niamh194047

U2000 Penrose

U2000 Penrose live games (DGT) – boards 1-18.

Round 5 – 14:30

Ryan Smith wins after an extraordinary king hunt.

BdTNWhite    Black TN
834Coward, Neil1800(2½)0-1(2½)Smith, Ryan M19621
936Colclough, Ryan1795(2½)0-1(2½)Taylor, Robert K19356
2268Diniz Afonso, Davi1615(1½)½-½(1½)Clegg, Robert186022
2429Hariharan, Shambavi1829(1½)1-0(1½)Veselow, Zoe172052
2872Hollyman, Mike1555(1)½-½(1)Staniland, Philip190811
2935Lataille, Matthias1797(1)½-½(1)Ng, Stephen161867

Round 4 – 09:15

Boards 1-18 are live, so this morning, the two Ryans and Zoe can be followed via the above link: when you open the live board view, click on the header select Round 4 and Boards 1, 5 and 15.

Not a good morning for Essex! Ryan, Ryan, Zoe, Philip and Davi all lost, but Matthias got his first win.

BdTNWhite    Black TN
31Smith, Ryan M1962(2½)0-1(2½)Wastney, Dylan189315
514Gartside, Carl1895(2½)1-0(2½)Colclough, Ryan179536
1552Veselow, Zoe1720(1½)0-1(1½)Coleman, Frederick185023
1930Ashton, Alannah1824(1½)1-0(1½)Diniz Afonso, Davi161568
2411Staniland, Philip1908(1)0-1(1)Goatcher, Matthew W169958
3354Cave, Nathan1717(0)0-1(0)Lataille, Matthias179735

U1750 Soanes

Round 5 – 14:30

BdTNWhite    Black  
2844Taylor, Stephen A1597(1)0-1(1)Segat, Davide152556

Round 4 – 09:15

BdTNWhite    Black TN
2456Segat, Davide1525(1)0-1(1)Harrison, Oliver16938

U1500 Yates

Round 5 – 14:30

Ken wins his last game to reach 4/5, without loss, but there were five players on 3½ at the start of the round and three of them won so they finish on 4½. Good tournament for Ken.

BdTNWhite    Black TN
41Jardine, Kenneth1537(3)1-0(3)Clare, Philip135527
712White, Nigel1434(2½)0-1(2½)Ware, Adam14835

Round 4 – 09:15

BdTNWhite    Black TN
214Jelfs, Tim1423(3)½-½(2½)Jardine, Kenneth15371
1512White, Nigel1434(1½)1-0(1½)Ewart, Samuel108645

Day 3 – 22 July

The morning play focuses on Round 2 of the Weekenders, with a 9:15 start, followed by Round 3 in the afternoon, at 14:30.

Also starting at 14:30, Round 1 of the British Championship – IM Richard Pert, WCM Nina Pert and Abigail Weersing – and the Major Open with FM Andrew Lewis, Ruqayyah Rida, Ashley Freeman, Stephen Berkley and WCM Anum Sheikh all featured.

British Championship – Round 1: 14:30

British Championship live games on

BdTNTitleWhite    TitleBlack TN
839 Mihalik, Agoston2136(0)½-½(0)IMPert, Richard G24218
2323IMLedger, Andrew J2299(0)1-0(0)WCMPert, Nina P202154
3061 Weersing, Abigail R1919(0)1-0(0)CMTurner, Max N225230
TN=Tournament number

Major Open – Round 1: 14:30

Major Open on – top six boards

BdTNTitleWhite    TitleWhite TN
137WCMSivanandan, Bodhana1834(0)0-1(0)FMLewis, Andrew P22352
339 Rida, Ruqayyah1828(0)½-½(0) Verma, Aditya21384
1214 Sugden, John N1977(0)1-0(0)WCMSheikh, Anum174452
2630AIMRaju, Sooraj Menothuparambil1861(0)1-0(0) Berkley, Stephen W158767
3034 Freeman, Ashley1846(0)1-0(0) Bellano, Harry147072
TN=Tournament number


Open Atkins

W/E Open Atkins live games (DGT)

Round 3 – 14:30

BdTNWhite    Black TN
2861Cockell, Owen1577(½)1-0(0)Pert, Max P214010

Round 2 – 09:15

BdTNWhite    Black  
2410Pert, Max P2140(0)0-1(0)Phillips, David182553
TN=Tournament number

U2000 Penrose

U2000 Penrose live games

The majority of Essex players in this section are on the same colour pattern, reducing the chances of them being paired together, at least in the short term.

Round 3 – 14:30

BdTNWhite    Black TN
215Wastney, Dylan1893(2)½-½(2)Colclough, Ryan179536
523Coleman, Frederick1850(1½)0-1(1½)Smith, Ryan M19621
913Gnanagurusamy, Ganeshbabu1896(1½)1-0(1½)Veselow, Zoe172052
1555Chiang, Richard1715(1)1-0(1)Staniland, Philip190811
3168Diniz Afonso, Davi1615(½)1-0(½)Trimble, Thomas177943
3235Lataille, Matthias1797(0)0-1(½)Norris, Zack165763

Round 2 – 09:15

A much better round for Essex: the two Ryans both won , as did Zoe and Philip. Unfortunately a second loss for Matthias, but a draw for Davi.

BdTNWhite    Black  
436Colclough, Ryan1795(1)1-0(1)Bartram, William19328
111Smith, Ryan M1962(½)1-0(1)Roul, Tushar154573
1852Veselow, Zoe1720(½)1-0(½)Khan, Mohammed187317
2711Staniland, Philip1908(0)1-0(0)Cave, Nathan171754
2935Lataille, Matthias1797(0)0-1(0)Singha, Swati170757
3346Thornley, Oliver1759(0)½-½(0)Diniz Afonso, Davi161568
TN=Tournament number

U1750 Soanes

Round 3 – 14:30

BdTNWhite    Black TN
2133Blackburn, Sandra G1621(1)1-0(1)Segat, Davide152556

Round 2 – 09:15

BdTNWhite    Black TN
1955Segat, Davide1525(½)½-½(½)Homer, Neil S164821
TN=Tournament number

U1500 Yates

Round 3 – 14:30

BdTNWhite    Black TN
11Jardine, Kenneth1537(2)½-½(2)Walke, Kedar117842
1334Butler, Rene1269(1)½-½(1)White, Nigel143412

Round 2 – 09:15

BdTNWhite    Black TN
119Vernon, Colin G1392(1)0-1(1)Jardine, Kenneth15371
812White, Nigel1434(1)0-1(1)Gunarathne, Miheli98250
TN=Tournament number

Day 2 – 21 July

Today saw the first of the three Rapid events, seven rounds at G15+10, with a morning start at 10:30. Shrishti Shiva (Chelmsford) plays in the U1750 section.

This evening, starting at 19:00, the Weekenders get going, playing at G90+30, there’s lots of Essex interest here:


Each section 5-Rounds at G90+30; equates to a four hour session for 60 moves.

Open Atkins

Weekend Open live games

BdTNWhite    Black TN
943Obi, Okwose Marc1965(0)1-0(0)Pert, Max P214010
TN=Tournament number

U2000 Penrose

Weekend U2000 Penrose live games – on Follow link and select games in right side panel.

Not much joy here. Ryan Colclough continued his winning habit from a remarkable season for Wanstead, the other Ryan drew and Zoe had a half point bye, but the other three all lost. Perhaps they’re morning players?

BdTNWhite    Black TN
140Siu, Kam Wa1782(0)½-½(0)Smith, Ryan M19621
949Matthew, Ian G1745(0)1-0(0)Staniland, Philip190811
2568Diniz Afonso, Davi1615(0)0-1(0)Banerji, Kumar180533
2770Vadalia, Jainill1586(0)0-1(0)Lataille, Matthias179735
2836Colclough, Ryan1795(0)1-0(0)Hollyman, Mike155572
4352Veselow, Zoe1720(0)½ not paired  
TN=Tournament number

U1750 Soanes

A draw for Davide.

BdTNWhite    Black TN
1520Kent, Rowan1650(0)½-½(0)Segat, Davide152555
TN=Tournament number

U1500 Yates

Good cheer for Essex as both Kenneth and Nigel won.

BdTNWhite    Black TN
11Jardine, Kenneth1537(0)1-0(0)Walsh, Shaun132328
1040Jelfs, David1206(0)0-1(0)White, Nigel143412
TN=Tournament number


Round times – 10:30, 11:40, 12:50, 14:00, 15:10, 16:20, 17:30.

U1750 Live games

Round 7: A slip in the opening cost Shrishti a pawn, which White carried through to win the K & P ending. So a disappointing end to a tiring day, but Shrishti can be happy with her day’s work. Outrated in every game, ranging between 199 and 305 points, she has a good rating performance, which was 1541 (+99) after R6 slipping to 1491 (+49) after R7.

Round 6: A nice solid draw from a Sicilian. Shrishti gets her score moving again, playing smoothly and quickly. One round to go.

Round 5: Shrishti is Black in a cut-and-thrust King’s Gambit in which White sacrifices a knight (8 Nxg5) for the attack. When White regains the piece with 13 Qxb7 Rb8 14 Qxc6, Shrishti has a sound defence in 14 …Ne7! with advantage, but fails to find it and is mated a few moves later. Rotten luck; she played a good game and might have gone on to another win with 14 …Ne7.

Round 4: Shrishti gets her first win over-the-board when her opponent, rated 305 points higher, puts a bishop en prise. For the piece Black has counterplay and the initiative, but Shrishti keeps her head to see off the challenge; this win will give her heart.

RdBdTNWhite    Black TN
71013Chedd, Neil1651(2½)1-0(2½)Shiva, Shrishti144225
61125Shiva, Shrishti1442(2)½-½(1½)Edgar, Barry16967
574Stokes, Richard1700(2)1-0(2)Shiva, Shrishti144225
4925Shiva, Shrishti1442(1)1-0(1)Szwajkun, Richard17472
31015Munshi, Aryan1643(1)1-0(1)Shiva, Shrishti144225
21425Shiva, Shrishti1442(0)1-0 Bye  
11125Shiva, Shrishti1442(0)0-1(0)Day, Jonathan A166411
TN=Tournament Number

Day 1 – 20 July

The British Championships congress is under way with the Open/U1600 Blitz. However, there are no Essex entries.

The first action from Essex entries is in tomorrow’s Rapid with Shrishti Shiva (Chemlsford) going in the U1750 – Round 1 of seven is at 10:30.

Essex at the British Feature returns

The British Championships runs from Thursday 20 July to Sunday 30 July, in Leicester, with more events than ever. There is already a fine Essex presence, 41 strong as we write, listed in the right side panel.

We will keep up a daily blog on this page – bookmark it now – with up-to-date scores, so this will be your place-to-come-to to see what your favourite Essex players are doing.

Events get under way on Thursday 20 July with the first of three Blitz tournaments in the evening, at 19:00. Then on Friday 21 July, the first of three Rapids, morning 09:15 and afternoon, 14:30. The standard play events start, with the Weekenders R1 on Friday evening, 19:00, and Round 1 of the main event, the British Championship in the afternoon, 14:30.

For the full playing schedule and all event details see the BCC website – link at the top of this page.

Summary scores

Apologies to anyone we’ve missed.

* Latest scores for events in play

British Championship – 22/7-30/7
IM Richard Pert (Brentwood); 5½/9
WCM Nina Pert (Brentwood); 4/9
Abigail Weersing (Essex Junior); 3½/9
Max Pert (Brentwood); ½/1

Major Open – 24/7-30/7
FM Andrew Lewis (Anglian Avengers); 7/9 =1
Ruqayyah Rida (Essex Juniors); 5/9
Ashley Freeman (Wanstead); 4/9
Stephen Berkley (East Ham); 3½/9
WCM Anum Sheikh; 3/9

+50 – 24/7-30/7
FM Bob Eames (Loughton); 5/7
Jens Mueller (Chelmsford); 1/3

U16 – 25/7-29/7
Max Pert (Brentwood); 4½/7
Olga Latypova (Chelmsford); 3½/7
Davi Diniz Afonso (Wanstead); 3½/7

U14 – 25/7-29/7
Mae Catabay (Colchester Juniors); 3/7

U12 – 25/7-29/7
Alexandr Pereslavtsev (Upminster); 4½/6*
Rezin Catabay (Colchester Juniors); 4/6*
Joshua Puthanveettil (KEGS); 3/6*

U10 – 25/7-29/7
Zoe Veselow (Wanstead); 4½/7
Ashwin Anjulan (Wanstead); 4½/7
Ashwin GopiKrishna (Wanstead); 3½/7

U8 – 25/7-29/7
Mary Cawdery (Wanstead); 4/7

Weekday Morning Open
Ashley Freeman (Wanstead); 3/6
Philip Staniland (Wanstead); 2½/6
Colin Ramage (Barking); 2½/6
WCM Anum Sheikh; 2½/6

Weekday Morning U1900
Mark Murrell (Wanstead); 4/6
Ryan Colclough (Wanstead); 3/6
Andrew Willoughby (Brentwood); 3/6
Christopher Willoughby (Brentwood); 2½/6
Stephen Berkley (East Ham); 3/6

Weekday Morning U1600 – 24/7-29/7
Kenneth Jardine; 3½/6
John Jestico (Wanstead); 3½/6

Weekday Afternoon U2050 – 24/7-29/7
Ryan Colclough (Wanstead); 3/6
Egor Latypov (Chelmsford); 2½/6
Philip Staniland (Wanstead); 3½/6

Weekday Afternoon U1750 – 24/7-29/7
John Jestico (Wanstead); 1½/6
Nate Weersing; 2/6

Weekday Afternoon U1450 – 24/7-29/7

W/E Open Atkins – 21/7-23/7
Max Pert (Brentwood); 3/5

W/E U2000 Penrose – 21/7-23/7
Ryan Smith (Chelmsford); 3½/5
Philip Staniland (Wanstead); 1½/5
Ryan Colclough (Wanstead); 2½/5
Matthias Lataille (Wanstead); 1½/5
Zoe Veselow (Wanstead); 1½/5
Davi Diniz Afonso (Wanstead); 2/5

W/E U1750 Soanes – 21/7-23/7
Davide Segat (Wanstead), 1½/5

W/E U1500 Yates – 21/7-23/7
Kenneth Jardine; 4/5
Nigel White (Wansted); 2½/5

Thursday 20 Jul Blitz Open – 20/7

Thursday 20 Jul Blitz U1600 – 20/7

Tuesday 25 Jul Blitz Open – 25/7
Max Pert (Brentwood); 6/9
WCM Anum sheikh; 5/9

Tuesday 25 Jul Blitz U1600 – 25/7

Junior Blitz Open – 27/7
WCM Nina Pert (Brentwood); 6/9
Max Pert (Brentwood)6½/9
Mae Catabay (Colchester Juniors); 4/9

Junior Blitz U1600 – 27/7
Ashwin Anjulan (Wanstead);5½/9
Ashwin GopiKrishna (Wanstead); 4½/9
Ernest Shanks (Southend); 5/9
Joshua Puthanveettil (KEGS); 4/9
Karun Suresh (Wanstead); 3/9

Friday 21 Jul Rapid Open – 21/7

Friday 21 Jul Rapid U1750 – 21/7
Shrishti Shiva (Chelmsford Junior); 2½/7

Friday 21 Jul Rapid U1450 – 21/7

Monday 24 Jul Rapid Open – 24/7
Max Pert (Brentwood), 4/7
Mae Catabay (Colchester Juniors); 4/7

Monday 24 Jul Rapid U1750 – 24/7
Rezin Catabay (Colchester Juniors); 5/7
Ashwin Anjulan (Wanstead); 3/7

Monday 24 Jul Rapid U1450 – 24/7
Ashwin GopiKrishna (Wanstead); 3½/7

Saturday 29 Jul Rapid Open – 29/7
Max Pert (Brentwood)

Saturday 29 Jul Rapid U1750 – 29/7

Saturday 29 Jul Rapid U1450 – 29/7
Joshua Puthanveettil (KEGS); 4/7
Sergey Pereslavtsev (Upminster); 5½/7
Maadesh Manikandan (Brentwood); 4/7
Karun Suresh (Wanstead); 3½/7
Ashwin GopiKrishna (Wanstead); 5½/7