ECA Rules Compendium

ECA League Rules for 2023-23 Season

The Rules linked below are “standalone” for the 2022-23 League season. They deal with the specific circumstances of conducting the League competition with provisions particuarly required for playing over-the-board chess under the conditions of the Covid pandemic and can be distinguished from the set of Rules in the Compendium by the notation “(C19)” included in the document title. The ECA Rules Compendium (last dated 2019-20) remains in existence – The Constitution and the Rules for Affiliated Leagues remain in force; only the full set of League Rules 2019-20 are in abeyance, replaced for the time being by the 2022-23 League competition rules below (which will be revised and re-published as necessary for successive seasons). The Compendium version of the League Rules will be brought back as the active set when we return to chess “without frontiers”.

Included below is a link to the Health & Safety page of the website for access to the ECA Conditions of Entry and the ECA Playing Conditions embodied into these C19 Rules. (A further Link is provided within the ECA League Rules at Rule 17.)

For the avoidance of doubt, it is stated that the Minor League competition rules are an extension of the main League Rules except where varied by the Minor League Rules. It is important that the Minor League rules are read in conjunction with the rules for the main competition. This is no less important for the application of Rule 17 in the rules for the main competition: the H&S Conditions of Entry and Playing conditions apply to the Minor League in full.

ECA League Rules (C19) 2022-23 (pdf)

ECA Minor League Rules (C19) 2022-23 (pdf)

H&S Conditions of Entry and Playing Conditions

The ECA Rules Compendium 2019-20 can be accessed from the links below:

The Rules Compendium was updated on 16 May 2019 in respect of the Rules for the Summer Rapid Knockout competition. This new version of the Rules was linked below on 3 June 2019 at 18:56. (The Knockout Rules were sent to all competing teams – in draft form, when the entries were invited, and in final approved form, with the draw document, Monday 20 May 2019).

ECA Rules Compendium 2019-20 – amended 16 May 2019 – Final (no markup).

ECA Rules Compendium 2019-20 – amended 16 May 2019 – Showing markup to indicate changes.

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