History Notes

Blog-style notes of developments in the History section

06 Jun 2011 : Add list of League Division III winners.

04 Sept 2009 : Publication of the Jubilee Handbook of 1948 on the website.

24 Aug 2009 : We have today moved the League Champions and the individual Champions pages into the new-style pages.

13 Aug 2009 : We have commenced a History page for the Ilford Chess Congress, which you can access via the History menu at the left of this screen.

Other projects planned for the History section

Other League divisions winners (Div III added 06 June 2011)
Champions for other events:
– Lightning Champions – Done
– Rapidplay Champions – Done 26 August 2009
– Team Blitz
– Team Knockout Champions
– Officers
– Ilford Recorder articles to be scanned to pdf document
– Jubilee handbook to be scanned – Done: published on the website 04 September 2009

Readers will appreciate that this represents a lot of work, so please be patient. Some information is going to be hard to assemble, for instance the Officers in particular will be difficult to complete as the Association’s Minute Books from 1939 to 1972 are still missing. If anyone can help locate these records we would be very grateful to hear.