Rapid 3 – 1 March 2021 – G10+5

On lichess.org

Event details

Organiser: Ian Hunnable, ECA Tournament Secretary – Lichess username: Chesstera1h8;
Assisted by: Mark Murrell, Tom Barton;
Format: 5 Rounds, Swiss pairing, or if all-play-all, Berger Pairings, according to entry;
Rate of play: 10 minutes + 5 seconds per move;
Sections: Initially advertised as Open adn U1600. There were insufficient entries in the Open section so the Open and U1600 were combined;
Tie-breaks: 1) Sum of Progressive Scores; 2) Sum of Opponents’ Scores;
Pairing Software: Vega;
Location for games: www.lichess.org;
Challenge format: Realtime, Standard, Rated, 10 minutes, 5 seconds increment (Challenger White, click White King; Challenger Black, click Black King)