Controller’s Notices

This page includes formal Notices of the Controller affecting the 2024 competition.

Barred Players

The following table lists the players for Clubs who have entered more than one team who are barred from playing for a lower team or teams than that for which they are listed.

All other players registered by each Club are shown in the player lists for each Club on the ECFR LMS:

Club/PlayersPlayer’s Rating Reference
Richard G Pert129722D
David L Haydon253579J
Karl Bowden107051E
Stanley Badacsonyi319799C
Nina P Pert298992L
Max P Pert299356K
Trevor D Coote108863E
Gavin James Hughes139436J
Ronald F Adams185837D
Russell White121515C
Elliot Cocks289729F
Jens Mueller315071K
Edgar Wilson320623D
Ivan Myall116029B
Sygulski, Artur294022L
Hodgson, John H112796C
Cawdery, John341787G
Spearman, David144163C
Mulay, Partha287029A
Rix, Steve J117989F
Freeman, Ashley331567J
Hunnable, Ian D113229F
Whitton, Terry D121577C
Bancroft, Paul299737L
Knockout Rule 9: No player may play for more than one team in the Competition during the season (“the competition” means KO and Plate).

Decision 9 June 2024

Controller’s decision: the team name of Witham is changed to Witham & Maldon with immediate effect.

Date of decision: 9 June 2024

Reason: One of the registered players in Witham’s team list, Paul Williamson, does not fully fit the definition of “bona fide member” of Witham CC as defined in the Rules. In the interests of including Paul in the Witham team, on enquiry there is a cogent reason to widen the team name to include Maldon CC members.

Detail: Paul Williamson is a member of Witham Chess Club and engages in their internal competitions. Paul plays his Essex League chess for Writtle and in the North Essex League for Maldon.

Background: There is, however, a close tie between Witham CC and Maldon CC:

  • Since losing members during covid, Maldon CC has now only three members, Tom Winter, Dave Pearse and Paul Williamson;
  • The Maldon club might by now have folded, but Tom Winter was keen to keep the club going and to recruit new members. In the North Essex League an arrangement was agreed for a year for the Maldon team to be augmented by the inclusion of Witham CC members as necessary;
  • In addition, the three Maldon members have become Witham members;
  • Tom Winter and Dave Pearse have played for Witham in the Essex League this season 2023-24, so there is no problem with their inclusion in team Witham;
  • Maldon CC does not have its own premises and play at the premises of Witham CC;
  • In the interests of being able to include a player for playing chess rather than exclude, the widening of the team name to Witham & Maldon resolves the issue;
  • This suggestion came out of consultation with the LMC and is accepted by Witham.

Note: This is ONLY a change of team name in the Essex Summer Rapid Knockout 2024. Maldon CC remains an independent club as does Witham CC. There is no club by the name of Witham & Maldon, it is only the name of a joint team in EKO24.

The Essex Summer Rapid Knockout is an ALL-ESSEX competition, not solely an Essex League competition.

Witham & Maldon registered players: Visit click on the Result of the fixture Chelmsford A v Witham & Maldon and then click on the Away Players tab.

Link: Essex Knockout Rules