Blitz 4

Blitz 4, G3+2, Monday 29 March 2021

Event details

Organiser: Ian Hunnable, ECA Tournament Secretary – Lichess username: Chesstera1h8;
Assisted by: Mark Murrell WWJammyDodger, and Tom Barton gandto;
Rate of play: 3 minutes + 2 seconds per move increment (G3+2) – equivalent to five minute blitz;
Sections: Two qualifying sections, Open Qualifier A and Open Qualifier B, each 6 players, all-play-all, the top three in each qualifying to Open Major, bottom three of each contesting the Minor Open, each 6 player all-play-all.
Tie-breaks: 1) DDirect encounter; 2) Average Opponents’ Ratings;
Pairing Software: Vega;
Lichess Team: Essex Online;
Links: Tournament pages