Knockout Round 1: Match A

Played 18 June 2024, at Brentwood

BoardBrentwood BR1R2WANSTEAD B
1Kingsley, Malcolm P 1793 (W, B)0-10-1Hunnable, Ian D 1938 (B, W)
2Davies, Robert JV 16150-10-1Whitton, Terry D 1932
3Bloom, Xander I 16581-00-1Karacsony, Istvan 1815
4Crossley, Joe 15750-1½-½Diniz Afonso, Davi 1708
5Bloom, Felix (U)0-10-1Lataille, Matthias 1671

Both sides were missing a few players, but Wanstead still had a clear advantage on ratings.

The home side had just one moment to cheer in R1, when Brentwood newbie, Xander Bloom, scored on debut, collecting a hatful of material for the queen. The home team may have had a second point on top board, where Malcolm picked up a piece for a pawn, but Ian made good use of doubled rooks on the open g-file and a mobile pawn centre to turn the tables.

Mishaps aside, the visitors were nearly home, leading 4-1 at half time.

WANSTEAD B accomplished Round 2 without mishap to close out a convincing win by 8½-1½. By a curious coincidence, the scores in this match, replicated the round-by-round scores, though in the opposite sequence, of BRENTWOOD A v Chelmsford the previous evening, i.e. Brentwood’s A team v Chelmsford B won by 4½-½ in R1 and 4-1 in R2.

WANSTEAD B now await the winners of Match B between BASILDON and Wanstead C, while Brentwood B go into the Plate competition in the only contested fixture of the Plate R1, Match N, where they await the losers of Match B (BASILDON or Wanstead C – playing 27 June).

Links: EKO Tables | ECF LMS

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