Knockout Round 1: Match B

Played 27 June 2024, at Basildon

BoardBASILDONR1R2Wanstead C
1Baptie, Justin P 2008 (W, B)1d0½-½Barclay, Paul R 1715 (B, W)
2Gedvilas, Arunas 19051-01-0Nickals, Peter A 1663
3Staff, Robbie 17871-00-1Colclough, Ryan 1682
4Millward, David J 17281-0½-½Wilson, Michael GA 1660
5Harmer, Alice 14390-11-0McLoughlin, Finbar 1536
Average: 17744-13-2Average: 1652

Congratulations to Basildon who advance to Round 2 and a match with WANSTEAD B who will be the Home team.

Wanstead C go into the Plate competition where they have a Home pairing against Brentwood B.

Links: EKO24 page | EKO24 Tables | EKO24 on ECF LMS

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