Knockout Round 2: Match K

Played 2 July 2024, at Brentwood

1Bowden, Karl 2272 (W, B)1-0½-½Hodgson, John H 2040 (B, W)
2Pert, Max P 2166½-½1-0Spearman, David 2110
3Pert, Nina P 21010-10-1Mulay, Partha 2119
4Coote, Trevor D 20040-1½-½Cawdery, John 2086
5Hughes, Gavin James 1949½-½0-1Rix, Steven JL 2019
Average: 20992-32-3Average: 2075

The first high-octane encounter of the competition. Brentwood were without IM Richard Pert, FM David Haydon and CM Stanley Badacsonyi, Wanstead were only missing IM Artur Sygulski.

Boards 1 and 2 were cancelled out by 4 and 5 so the match hinged on Board 3 where Partha recorded a double against WCM Nina Pert.

So Brentwood bow out, while WANSTEAD A proceed to the semi-finals where they await the winners of BARKING v Loughton.

Game Rix-Hughes R2

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