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Rapid # – G10+5
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Event details

Organiser: Ian Hunnable, ECA Tournament Secretary – Lichess username: Chesstera1h8;
Assisted by: Mark Murrell, Tom Barton;
Format: 5 Rounds, Swiss pairing, or if all-play-all, Berger Pairings, according to entry;
Rate of play: 10 minutes + 5 seconds per move;
Sections: Two – Open and U1600. The organisers reserve the right to adjust the section boundary or amalgamate into one section, according to entry;
Tie-breaks: 1) Sum of Progressive Scores; 2) Sum of Opponents’ Scores;
Pairing Software: Vega;
Location for games: www.lichess.org;
Challenge format: Realtime, Standard, Rated, 10 minutes, 5 seconds increment (Challenger White, click White King; Challenger Black, click Black King)


Entries close – 6.15 pm, Mon 1 March 2021
Zoom meeting opens – 6.15 pm (entrants will be emailed with connection link)
*Draw for colours – 6.30 pm
Pairings for R1 published – 6.35 pm
Round 1 – 7.00 – 7.30 pm
Round 2 – 7.35 – 8.05 pm
Round 3 – 8.10 – 8.40 pm
Round 4 – 8.45 – 9.15 pm
Round 5 – 9.20 – 9.50 pm

*The draw for colours sets the colour for the higher rated player on Board 1. Colours then alternate on each board down the draw, with the colour on Board 1 being the same on each odd numbered board and the reverse on each even numbered board.

Requirements: Participants must:

  • be ECA members;
  • be ECF members (minimum Supporter level);
  • have an active www.lichess.org account, and…
  • join Team Essex Online on that site.

Ratings: ECF ratings (4-digit) will be used: i) ECF Online Rapid rating; ii) ECF OTB rapid rating; iii) Controller’s estimate.

Zoom: The organising team will be running a meeting session on Zoom during the event to facilitate communication. Participation is optional but encouraged. Details how to join this meeting facility during the evening will be notified to Entrants in due course.

Each game to be initiated by White issuing a challenge on the lichess.org website as described in the platform information guide.

Who may enter: Members of the Essex Chess Association, either as members of an Affiliated Club, or as individual Direct Members.

How to enter: First visit the “Required reading” section (below) and when ready to proceed, complete the Entry Form below and click “Submit”. Should you need any assistance, email tournaments@essexchess.org.uk

Required reading

ECA Affiliated Clubs are listed in the Membership document of the Activity Pack. To access these documents, follow this link:

Essex Online Activity Pack documents

Members of Affiliated Clubs are automatically members of the Essex Chess Association (“ECA”).
Members of any other Essex clubs need to be individual Direct Members of the Essex Chess Association (£5) to be eligible to play in its events; details of how to join ECA as a Direct Member are given in the Membership document (see above).
Participants also need to be members of the English Chess Federation (“ECF”).
ECA Membership and ECF Membership are different; both are needed.

Safeguarding of junior players online

All participants are reminded that they must abide by the Code of Conduct for online chess (see document via link in ‘Required reading’). Parents and guardians should take safeguarding responsibility for the operation of host platform accounts for their child, noting that juniors under the age of 13 must use a parental account and that safe mode for children should be engaged.

Entry Form

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