Essex Online Blitz

The Essex Online Blitz programme 2020-21 comprises the Essex Online Blitz Championship and the Essex Online Blitz Series.

The Blitz Championship is a new addition to the programme and will be played on Sunday 14 March 2021, using the rate of play we have adopted for the over-the-board Blitz Championship, namely 5 minutes + 4 seconds a move.

The Blitz Series comprises three stand-alone events on Monday evenings at various rates of play (G7+2, G5+0 and G3+2), so there should be something for everyone. However, there was another event – at G5+2, Blitz 3, on 1 February – which began, but with only one round complete, had a serever outage and we had to abandon the event. Blitz 4 will be played on 29 March, at G3+2 and the number of events will be made up by inauguration of the Blitz Championship on 14 March.