Essex Online Rapid Championship, Entry Form

Entry Form

Entry deadline 7.00 pm Sunday 24 January 2021.

Controller: Mark Murrell

Round 1 date Monday 25 Jan 7.00 pm.

The Championship will be played over 5 to 7 rounds depending on entries and conclude on Monday 22 March at the latest.

Each round will involve two games against the same opponent, one with each colour. A break of 15 minutes between legs is provided for which players can reduce by mutual agreement. The format will be dependent on the number entries with Open and rating limited sections in mind played either as a Swiss or all-play-all, to cater for all playing strengths and maximise the number of rounds.

The full Monday night playing schedule will be published with the first round pairings after entries have closed.

Players will be able to seek in advance (the day before) up to two half-point byes for any round save for the last, with an expected finish of 15 March for a 5 round competition and 22 March for a 7 round competition.

Who may enter

Members of the Essex Chess Association, either as members of an Affiliated Club, or as individual Direct Members.

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