Team Activities

NB While over-the-board (“OTB”) chess is on hold due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Association is organising alternative activities in online chess on The competitions described below, are all OTB events, which will resume when OTB chess resumes.

County Championships

The Association runs teams in the SCCU County Championships, all sections, and – for those teams which qualify from the SCCU competitions – the ECF County Championships (aka the “national stages”).

Essex League

Running from October to April, sometimes with a bleed into May, the Essex Chess League has been in being since 1902-03. Currently, the League comprises three Divisions and a “Minor” competition. Board numbers: Division 1 and 2, 8 boards; Division 3, 6 boards; Minor competition, 4 boards.

Team Blitz

This is an ECA interal event, played on a summer Sunday morning at the end of June. Teams of four representing an Essex Club, playing blitz chess at a minimum of seven minutes on each clock.

Summer Rapid Team Knockout

First round in June, Final usually in September. Teams of five representing Essex Clubs, Schools, or other organisation. All teams play in Round 1. Plate competition for R1 losers. Each match comprises two rounds of G20+10 Rapid chess.