Essex Online County Challenge

The Essex Online County Challenge took place this afternoon, as three matches, each in a rating band: 1820+, U1820, U1610.

Three of the teams were called “The Rest”, playing Away, the Home teams being North Essex (1820+), Essex (U1820) and Wanstead (U1610).

In the top match, North Essex recorded a win by 5-2. The Rest won the top two boards, but North Essex swept the other five (no prisoners taken here). The Rest also failed to stop Essex (U1820) – after correction – Essex won by 4-1 with three draws; this match featured the shortest game: 8 moves. In the third match, honours were even, 3½-3½, Wanstead winning on 2, 3 and 4, The Rest successful on 1, 5 and 6, with Board 7 drawn.

Controller: Mark Murrell, assisted by Chris Bernard and David Gilbert.

Potted report from the Controller: “One no show (but we had a substitute), a couple of late starts, one played with the wrong colours (too used to tournament pairing cards) and one started at ‘casual’ which required a restart as ‘rated’ after messages eventually filtered through. No disputes so the Controller had a quiet afternoon. Systems tested and my control team suitably practiced.” And not forgetting Peter Nickals’ contribution: “Peter did a good job recruiting to get the dry run off the ground, which allowed some Kent and Surrey players to drop into the fray too.”

Click for: Details (click on the match scores when you get there.)

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