ECA AGM 22 June 2022

The ECA AGM was held at Wanstead House, 22 June 2022.

Principal points:

Item 4 – Constitution amendments (Article 5): proposal to re-name two posts (“Grader” to “Rating Officer”, “Correspondence Match Captain” to “Webserver Chess Match Captain”) and remove a third (“Congress Secretary”) was carried;

Item 5 – Reports; League Tom Barton (League Secretary) said that for 2022-23 promotion and relegation to be reintroduced. The problem with Division 1 was that eight teams playing a single round of seven fixtures is not enough, while a double round of 14 fixtures is too many. The aim is therefore to return to seven teams double round from 2023-24 which will produce 12 fixtures. To bring this about, Tom proposed the suggestion made by Barking for Division 1 2022-23 giving 10 fixtures in two phases: in phase 1 the same eight teams as 2021-22 will play a single round of fixtures by the end of February 2023, with venues the reverse of 2021-22. Thereafter, in phase 2 play-offs, a further three fixtures will be played; the top four teams will play-off for the Championship and the bottom four will play-off for wooden spoon and one team to be relegated. This was carried. Division 2, will be 6 boards. There will be a Division 3, of four to six boards depending on consultation with clubs.

Match Captain: The written report of Mark Murrell finished with a note that the captains for three of our teams are standing down and will need to be replaced for next season. Team Captains are appointed by the Executive, which will meet towards the end of August. [Update: Malcolm Crane has subsequently indicated that he will remain as captain for one team – he was previously doing two.]

Item 7 – Elections: all Officers were re-elected. Ian Hunnable gave notice that 2022-23 will be his last season as Tournament Secretary;

Item 8 – Auditor: Steve Abbott re-appointed;

Item 9 – Subscriptions etc.: remain unchanged;

Item 10 – Any Other Business: – The paper on the future of the troubled North Circular Chess League, having been considered by the GPC was presented with the following proposal: “Subject to the NCCL affiliating as a league to the ECA and in the event of the NCCL being unable to continue as an organisation, the Executive is authorised should it see fit to bring the NCCL competitions under ECA control (should the NCCL so wish) or to create a Metropolitan League alongside its existing league structures”. This proposal was carried unanimously.

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