Essex Knockout Match C

Played 28 June 2022, at Wanstead

WANSTEAD A R1 R2 Barking B
Cawdery, John 2044 (W, B) 1-0 1-0 Naumov, Igor 1727 (B, W)
Rix, Steven JL 2058 1-0 0-1 Saunders, Richard 1784
Freeman, Ashley 1901 1-0 ½-½ Mike J Cresswell, 1743
Hunnable, Ian D 1991 1-0 1-0 Chtym, Vladimir 1458
(Terry Whitton) 1d0 1d0 Default
  5-0 3½-1½  
WANSTEAD A 8½-1½ Barking B

Barking had notified that they were a player short, so Terry Whitton was not required to attend and Barking’s task, already difficult, was rendered “Mission Impossible”.

Indeed, Wanstead wrapped up the fixture by winning all four contested games in Round 1, the R2 Default giving the Home team a 6-0 winning score at half time.

Nonetheless, Barking fought hard and presented respectable opposition, which the scoreline hardly reflects. Richard Saunders took Steve Rix all the way to the last knockings of a R&P ending (K+R v K+R+1P). Richard was to turn the tables in R2 to score Barking’s only win, while Mike Cresswell held Ashley Freeman to a R2 draw. Further inconvenience to the Home team’s equanimity occurred on Board 1 where John Cawdery lost his queen in the R2 game, but was fortunate to reach an ending where his R and 3P – all united on the K-side – against Igor’s K+Q allowed John to scramble a win in the last game to finish.

WANSTEAD A have a Bye to the Semi-Finals where they await the winners of the only match in Round 2, when the Round 1 pairings for Matches A and B have been settled. Barking B go into the Plate competition where they have a Bye to the Plate Semi-Finals in Match R and await one of the the losing teams of Matches A and B, when they have settled their differences in the Plate QF.

Link: KO page | KO Competition Tables | KO on ECF LMS

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