Essex Knockout Match B

Played 29 June 2022, at Loughton

LOUGHTON R1 R2 Wanstead C
1 Van Tol, Martin 1758 (B, W) 1-0 1-0 Lataille, Matthias 1579 (W, B)
2 Moth, Simon C 1753 1-0 ½-½ Smith, David 1521
3 Groce, Ken 1645 1-0 0-1 Ryan Colclough 1549
4 Kershaw, Graham J 1750 0-1 1-0 Jestico, John V 1418 (s)
5 Demirdelen, Ozan 1472 0-1 0-1 Green, Alfred 1409
  3-2 2½-2½  
LOUGHTON 5½-4½ Wanstead C

John Jestico substituted for Punit Todi in both Rounds. John was present as he was in the Wanstead side for a rated-friendly match being played at the same time, but switched when Punit didn’t arrive.

LOUGHTON progress to R2 (QF), Match G (the only contested match in R2), where they will be Away to the winners of Match A between Thurrock and WRITTLE. Wanstead C go into the Plate competition QF and await the losers of Match A, in Match N, the only match in the Plate QF.

Links: KO page | KO Competition tables | EKO on ECF LMS

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