ECA Online Championships – Round 5

The last round of the first ECA Online Championships produced some sparkling play, a triumph for Organiser, Mark Murrell. The Open was particularly well-contested and was finished out by David Sands with a win with black over Russell White, to become the first EssexOnline Champion. Indeed the top three all won with Black in the last round.

Congratualtions to all ECA Online Champions: Open David Sands; U150 Olga Latypova; U100 Jaideep Cheema. Open games at the end of this report.

Leading positions in each section below. You can read Mark Murrel’s report HERE

1 David Sands, 4½/5
2 FM Andrew Lewis, 4
3 John Hodgson, 3½
16 players

1 Olga Latypova, 4½/5
2 Martin van Tol, 4
3 Peter Nickals, 3½
22 players

1 Jaideep Cheema, 4½/5
2-3 Lakshan Rajalingam, David Wilson, 4
18 players

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