ECF County Online and OTB Dates

The dates for the return of ECF OTB chess have been published for the ECF Counties Championships.

Before that, the dates for the summer of continued Online ECF Championships have been published.

ECF Online County Championships – G60+15 – 6:30 pm

Qualifiers: R1 12 Jun; R2 19 Jun; R3 03 Jul; R4 17 Jul; R5 21 Aug;
SF 28 Aug; F 11 Sep;

ECF Challenge match

North v South Online: 18 Sep.

ECF Counties OTB competition

Covid-19 permitting, ECF Counties OTB competition returns, with a pre-season event, followed by the County competitions in their “usual” place:

  • Over-the-board, County Regional Pre-Season event
    R1 14 Aug; R2 04 Sep; R3 25 Sep;
  • The ECF County Championships Union stages will take place – October 2021 to March 2022, with the ECF National knockout stages April to July 2022.

For the OTB Counties Championships, the sections have been agreed as Open, U2050, U1850, U1650 and U1450, dropping one section in the interests of easing team-raising issues. This banding was one of three options considered by the Counties and, given that this was the amendment proposed by SCCU, it is anticipated that the Southern Counties will align its own competitions (ECF zonal qualifying sectionss) to this same banding in its meeting this Friday; would be extraordinary if it didn’t.

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