Essex Online Championships – Round 1

The EOL Championships kicked off with Round 1 on 12 April, with three sections – Open, U1800 and U1500 – with an overall entry of 38.

In the Open with 16 entries, there were two prearranged postponements and one affected by illness, but otherwise five of the eight pairings were completed.

The U1800, 10 entries, fared slightly better, with one prearranged postponement and four fixtures played.

Finally, the U1500, 12 entries, saw all six games played and not a draw among them!

Round 2 will be played on Monday 26 April 2021. You can find all the details on the tournament page (link below and from the main menu above) with all the games to date.

Links: EOL Championships tournament page | Open Pairings | U1800 Pairings | U1500 Pairings

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