Essex U2050 retain SCCU crown

SCCU U2050: Essex 11-5 Kent
At Wanstead. First v second, final match of the SCCU stage. Essex would retain the SCCU U2050 Championship with a win or a draw; Kent would steal the crown with a win and relegate Essex to third to boot. The Kent squad was average 1895, but they found Fortress Wanstead was defended by an unassailable wall of average 1940. Essex retained the SCCU crown with an imperious 11-5 victory, with 8-2 in decisive games and six draws. National crown to defend next.

In the other match, Surrey 9½-6½ Middx, enabled Surrey to pip Kent for second spot.

We have added Mike Spurr’s report and some games from the Middx away match. Pick the U2050 page from the links below then select the Middx-A tab.

SCCU U1650: Essex 7½-8½ Kent
At Wanstead. Third v top, final match of the SCCU stage. Essex did extremely well to hold the SCCU U1650 Champions Kent to a single point, but were relegated to back markers by the result in the other match.

In the other match, Surrey 7-9 Middx, lifted Middx from bottom to 3rd; Surrey were already assured of second place.

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