It’s a one-way street for Ilford

Essex Knockout Plate Final

Played 21 September 2022, at Thurrock

Thurrock R1 R2 Ilford
1 Omoruyi, Jaden 1778 (B, W) 0-1 1-0 Subramanian, Venkatesh 1924 (W, B)
2 Sadhasivam, Mangalaram 1758 0-1 0-1 Barton, Tom A 1863
3 Abedin, Farhan 1526 0-1 0-1 Twitchell, Neville H 1824
4 Wilson, Mathew 1875 0-1 0-1 Ghose, Rahul 1833
5 Van Litsenborgh, Rudi 1383 0-1 1-0 Page, Jeffrey 1752
  0-5 2-3  
Thurrock 2-8 Ilford

Ilford won the toss and had White on odds in R1. One of the Ilford players missed his train and Thurrock sportingly delayed the start until he arrived; play got under way at 8.00 pm.

First blood to Ilford when Neville won Farhan’s queen. Disaster struck minutes later, when, faced with a defensible mate threat Matthew picked up a bishop which couldn’t offer a defence, realised his error and resigned. Ilford extended their lead to 3-0 when Tom prevailed against Mangalaram. The landslide continued as Venkatesh mated Jaden in the endgame and Jef completed the whitewash, coming back from a piece for a pawn down to win.

In R2, only one outcome could save Thurrock: a 5-0 win and a replay.

Thurrock’s dreams of a fatantstic reverse were put in context when Rahul scored the winning point for Ilford after 20 minutes. More one-way traffic when Tom won, a piece up. The carnage continued, with Neville getting the better of Farhan in a R+P ending. But the last two games finally brought something for Thurrock to cheer as Rudi saved the whitewash when Jef put a rook en prise (for the second time!) and Thurrock salvaged a little more pride when Jaden won on top board.

While Ilford were the hot favourites with a clear rating advantage, the scoreline doesn’t do Thurrock justice; they were better than that and, looking to the future, their two young players gave a good account of themselves. At least skipper Malcolm took their beating with a smile.

Congratulations to Ilford on a job well done.

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