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While the 2021 County Online Championships are less than a month away, we have a reminder of the success of the Essex Philpott team in winning the 2020 national online U1825 Chamionship with the arrival of the trophy! Essex beat Lincs 7½-3½ in the Final, as reported last August: 2020 Championship post to which we have added the trophy picture (thanks to Peter Nickals, the successful skip).

The dates  for the 2021 ECF Online Championships are available, as reported below (11 May):

ECF Online County Championships – G60+15 – 6:30 pm

Qualifiers: R1 12 Jun; R2 19 Jun; R3 03 Jul; R4 17 Jul; R5 21 Aug;
SF 28 Aug; F 11 Sep;

ECF Challenge match

North v South Online: 18 Sep.

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