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Another County Championships campaign is in the starting blocks: the SCCU Fixtures are out. Follow the links below for the list for each team. Put them in your diary now, before you forget!

Essex teams have been entered in the four rating-limited sections – U2050 (defending national champions), U1850, U1650 and U1450 (defending national champions) – but there is still insufficient support for an Essex Open team. Team captains are, respectively, ‘To be appointed’, Peter Nickals, Malcolm Crane and Malcolm Crane.

Eligibility for each team will be the September rating list, published on 1st September. Rating categories have changed; out go Categories A-F, in come Categories A and K, also H and P. (For a description of each go to ECF Ratings Profile and read the section headed “Category”.) The rating to count for each player for the SCCU County and ECF Championships is the September Original (fixed) rating (shown in blue on the rating website). Only categories A or K will apply. Players who have a category H or P rating or who are unrated will be assigned a tournament rating (which may be their H or P rating, depending on evidence); an assigned tournament rating will be updated to the first K rating for that player published subsequently.

If you would like to play for Essex, but are not yet involved or think your wish is not known, follow the “County Teams” link below for more information.

Links: County Teams | U2050 | U1850 | U1650 | U1450 | SCCU on ECF LMS

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