SCCU Inter 1675

Today the two Essex teams in the SCCU Inter 1675 section are in action. Essex Pascoe play Kent Haddrell, while Essex Philpott take on Berkshire Inter. Matches are over eight boards.

The games start on at 2.00 pm and you can follow the action live. The best place to start is the ECF LMS pages (links below) – after the pairings are published at about 1.00 pm – and from the match cards you can select games by the links on the players’ usernames and find the games in the player’s profile ‘games’ tab. A word of caution: spectators should not comment on the games in the chat window; just watch.

Links: Kent Haddrell v Essex Pascoe | Berks Inter v Essex Philpott | Pascoe Page | Philpott Page

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