Wanstead B win Plate at a canter

Played 6 September 2023, at Loughton

BoardLoughtonR1R2Wanstead B
1Bowmer, Kevin 2031 (W, B)½-½0-1Rix, Steven JL 2049 (B, W)
2Stirling, William J 18920-11-0Bancroft, Paul 1989
3Middleton, Stephen 1868½-½0-1Whitton, Terry D 1924
4Horan, George 18190-1½-½Staniland, Philip 1877
5Moth, Simon C 17780-10-1Karacsony, Istvan 1755
Average: 18781-41½-3½Average: 1919

The Wanstead edge on ratings might seem significant, but on old grading points, it is only an average 5 points a board. So it was a surprise to both sides that the winning margin is as big as it was.

This is partly explained by the two draws In R1 both being Wanstead saves. Kevin won the exchange, but Steve Rix managed to exchange off all the Q-side and centre so that the three K-side pawns each were just regular pawn formations, no weaknesses. Steve’s R, N and 3P v Kevin’s 2R + 3P with no way for Kevin to force an advantage. Steve Middleton should have won, even with opposite coloured bishops. Steve M had an a-pawn and an h-pawn having cleaned up all Terry’s pawns. But he let Terry off the hook when he created the passed h-pawn as he had the wrong coloured bishop to queen that pawn. Had he created instead a passed g-pawn, as he had the opportunity to do, he would have won. If Loughton had been able to convert both these games, the R1 score, all other things being equal, would have been Loughton 2-3 Wanstead B; a different scenario. Paul Bancroft crafted a black square domination to leave Bill facing an indefensible mate threat. Philip mated George on e7 with Qe6# in a crowded middlegame position; Wanstead also gained the verdict on bottom board.

Any hopes Loughton entertained of reversing their dire position in R2 were quickly dashed as Wanstead won all three of their White games – and had therefore won the Plate by a street – before Loughton replied with a draw between George and Philip and a win for Bill, who outplayed Paul Bancroft for Loughton’s only win.

Wanstead won all five of their games with White and shared the points 2½-2½ with Black.

Congratulations to Wanstead B whose success sets up a possible double when WANSTEAD A face BARKING A on 19 September, in the KO Final at Wanstead.

Links: KO Page | KO Tables page | EKO Plate on ECF LMS

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