Another double

SCCU U2050: Essex 9½-6½ Middx
At Wanstead. A good, solid performance from the U180 national champions (a long while ago, wasn’t it!) at home to familiar opposition. Essex found a new player as a late replacement on Board 8 for a successful debut. The new wider rating bands allowed Essex to complete a 16 board team without dipping into the next rating band (U1850). Read Paul Kenning’s commentary on the U2050 page – Middx (H) tab.

SCCU U1650: Essex 9½-6½ Middx
At Wanstead. Despite the score, this was a 12 board match by agreement. In this covid season, where a 12 board match is agreed, the unplayed boards are scored “½-½” to equalise Game Point tie-breaks. Essex had a rating advantage on paper and a point start from a Middx default. On the contested boards, Essex picked up four wins – by David Smith, Laurence Duffy, Derek Reynolds and Joshua Swead – with five draws.

Other match: Kent 5½-10½ Surrey (12 board match)

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