Incredible Middx steal

SCCU U1850: Essex 7½-8½ Middx
At Wanstead. Essex appeared to be set for a comfortable home win, 4 points up with five games still in play; just one more point needed. But one by one, Middx pulled back the deficit until they completed an amazing turn around to steal the points, winning the last five games to finish. Incredible.

SCCU U1450: Middx 3-9 Essex
At Willesden. An experience that leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Late advice from the home team that they only had six players, when the Essex players were already on their way, compounded by the Middx captain saying “unfortunately you will have to come to claim the default points”! Add to this Middx were not prepared to provide boards for the Essex players without opponents to play rated games among themselves. A very poor advertisement for County chess. More on the U1450 page.

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