ECF stage round up

The return of OTB county chess at the ECF stage level has been marked by a majority of counties’ progressing without play. Overall, 7 matches have been played, but there were 7 byes to the semi-finals and 5 matches have been conceded without play.

Three of the four Essex teams have reached the semi-finals with the U2050 team having progressed to the Final. The one Essex casualty is the U1650 side who were well-beaten by Warks 8½-5½.

For Essex, there is a commonality of opposition from Yorks and Notts, though Essex U2050 have already reached the Final when Notts conceded their semi-final without play. The SCCU has a presence other than Essex in each semi-final with a second SCCU finalist guaranteed in the U1450 with a Surrey v Kent semi-final.

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QF Essex 9½-6½ Yorks
Notts, Lancs and Surrey each had a bye to the SF
SF Notts v Essex – match conceded
Lancs v Surrey


QF Essex 16-0 Hants – match conceded
Middx 8½-7½ Suffolk
Gtr Manch 0-16 Middx – match conceded
Norfolk 5½-9½ Yorks
Lancs 5½-7½ Devon
SF Essex v Yorks
Devon v Middx


QF Warks 8½-5½ Essex
Warks, Yorks, Lancs, Surrey each had a bye to the SF
SF Warks v Yorks
Lancs v Surrey


QF Yorks 4-8 Essex
Notts 8½-2½ Notts Juniors
Surrey 12-0 Leics – match conceded
Kent 12-0 Lancs – match conceded
SF Essex v Notts
Surrey v Kent

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