Essex Knockout Match A

Thurrock R1 R2 WRITTLE
Omoruyi, Jaden 1768 ½-½ 0-1 Myall, Ivan J 2028
Crane, Malcolm K 1566 0-1 0-1 Wilson, Edgar 1998
Akinyosoye, Banky 1474 0-1 0-1 Moore, John C 1972
Ball, Richard 1368 0-1 0-1 Millward, David J 1822
Sandu, Silviu 1579 0-1 0-1 Bowden, Madison B 1800
  ½-4½ 0-5  
Thurrock ½-9½ WRITTLE


WRITTLE advance to Round 2 where they participate in the only match of R2, Match G, at Home to LOUGHTON. Thurrock go into the Plate Competition and likewise participate in the only match in the first round of the Plate (Quarter-Final) at Match N, where they are Away to Wanstead C.

Links: KO page | KO Competition tables | KO on ECF LMS | KO Plate on ECF LMS

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