Essex Online Rapid Championship

Rounds 3 and 4 of the Essex Online Rapid Championships were played on the evening of 8 February (apart from a pair of games played early).

Open Leaders after R4
=1 Ian Hunnable, Russell White, 4/4; =3 Martin McCall, Ashley Freeman, 3; =5 Dmitry Molostvov, Felix Todd, Julian Corfield, 2½. 18 players

U1600 Leaders after R4
1 Lakshan Siddharth, 4/4; 2 Shivan Aggarwal, 3½, =3 Fraser Caves, Peter Kukiewicz, Shrishti Shiva, Jaideep Cheema, 3. 18 players

Fuller details, links to pairings and results and all the games, are in the competition page via the link below and always in the main menu: Activities/Essex Online/EO Rapid/Rapid Championship.

Essex Online Rapid Championships

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