In memory of Syd Kalinsky

Tomorrow, 18 June 2023, we shall be holding the double event of the Essex Team Blitz and the ECA Lightning Championship, at Ilford CC’s venue at the Redbridge Social Centre. “Team Blitz and Lightning” day was sponsored by the late Syd Kalinsky since 1997. This, the first such event since his passing, is being held in Syd’s memory and is generously supported by his family.

Nine teams have entered the Team Blitz, the morning event, play starting at 10.00 am. Cavendish, the club Syd invariably played for in the Team Blitz, participate by invitation, together with two teams from each of Barking, Ilford and Wanstead and one from each of Thurrock and Writtle.

The ECA Lightning Championship, in the afternoon starting at 14:30, already has 15 entries. Entry fee is £5 for Adults, Essex Juniors free. This is chess played to a 10 second buzzer; there will be six rounds. You can still enter on the day. Find directions HERE

These events have always been strongly linked to Ivor Smith who has organised them all; until now. As many of you know, Ivor suffered a stroke a few months ago. He has sent his best wishes for the event and we shall be thinking of you tomorrow, Ivor.

Both events can be followed online via the pages linked below.

Important When viewing tournaments in play online, to ensure you seeing the latest data, do a ‘hard’ refresh ctrl-Refresh (on a Windows PC this is ctrl-F5) otherwise your browser might just show you cached data from your previous view. If it still doesn’t refresh, close your browser and re-open it.

Links: TB&L page | Team Blitz am | Lightning pm | The venue

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