Knockout R1: Match C

Played 19 June 2023, at Ilford CC

BoardILFORDR1R2Wanstead C
1Barton, Tom A 1893 (W, B)1-00-1Diniz Afonso, Davi 1720 (B, W)
2Ghose, Rahul 18710-11-0Nickals, Peter A 1640
3Twitchell, Neville H 18501-01-0Lataille, Matthias 1635
4Subramanian, Venkatesh 18991-01-0Li, Colin 1606
5Obiols, Biel 1650As (1929)*1-01-0Segat, Davide 1332
Average: 18898-2Average: 1587
*Ilford Board 4, Biel Obiols, does not have a Rapid rating. The 1929 shown in ECF LMS appears to be his rating from these two games. Biel’s standard rating is 1650A.

Commentary by Jef Page

Obviously Ilford outrated Wanstead’s third team quite heavily in this competition so no surprise that Ilford won, particularly all six games on the bottom three boards, but losing two games out of the top two boards was a bit of a surprise. Biel won a nice endgame with a B, N and pawns against Segat’s R & pawns with a neat fork with his N to win the Rook. Neville sacrificed his Q in the first game to force a back rank R&B mate whilst Venkatesh seemed to be in trouble but won well in both games.

Ilford now have a Bye to the Semi-Finals, where they will meet the winners of the R2 match [CHELMSFORD or Loughton] v [Barking B or WANSTEAD A].

Wanstead C go into the Plate Competition where they have a Bye to the Plate Semi-Final where they await the losing team from [CHELMSFORD or Loughton] v [Barking B or WANSTEAD A]

Links: Knockout page | KO Tables | EKO on ECF LMS

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