Knockout R1: Match B

Played 22 June 2023 at Barking CC.

BoardBarking BR1R2WANSTEAD A
1Clow, Ken W 17050-10-1Spearman, David 2233
2Berkley, Stephen W 16590-10-1Cawdery, John 2017
3Wickham, Michael 19240-10-1Freeman, Ashley 1976
4Sinha, Anup 16911-00-1Hunnable, Ian D 1994
5Default0(def)-10(def)-1Murrell, Mark RA 1934
Average: 13961-40-5Average: 2031

Barking’s task, already difficult, was rendered harder when they had to default bottom board. Barking did have a spare man, Mohammed Ishtiaq Ali, alas not eligible for the Knockout tonight but who played two separately rated games under match conditions against the Wanstead board 5.

Barking had just the one spark of light when Ian overstepped the time limit in a position the postmortem suggested would have produced a draw. Ian turned the tables in R2 when Anup dropped his Queen to a discovery after just nine moves.

WANSTEAD A go into the only contested fixture of Round 2 where they await the winners of CHELMSFORD v Loughton. Barking B go into the Plate where they await the losers of the same fixture.

Links: KO page | KO Tables | EKO on ECF LMS

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