Match G – QF

Played 16 July 2019, at Wanstead







John Hodgson 197C (W, B)



Justin Baptie 168E (B, W)


Manuel Perez Carballo 195E



Dave Kraszewski 171C


Ian Hunnable 182D



Sean Clarke 1694C


Steve Rix 181C



Arunas Gevilas 159C


David Spearman 181A



Peter Laundy 162C






Both sides were below full strength, but put on a closely contested match.

In Round 1, the two draws were the first results, followed by Basildon taking the lead through Arunas Gedvilas. A while elapsed before Wanstead equalised when Manuel won his R & minor piece ending. David Spearman then notched his win to put Wanstead ahead by one, then all attention passed to Board 1 where Justin had two extra pawns in an ending of John’s R & B v Justin’s R, B and 2P, with the bishops crucially being of opposite colours. Despite those extra pawns, John appeared to be holding and indeed managed to pick off one of the pawns. However, the game carried on beyond the nominal one hour’s play (increments being used) and there appeared to be every possibility that they would still be playing at 10.30! However, John got his rook behind Black’s pawn and had his bishop trained on the square ahead of the pawn, so could chop the pawn should it advance. After the game had gone on for 10 “additional” minutes, Justin concluded he couldn’t win and we could all get our half time refreshments. A critical hold for Wanstead. WANSTEAD A 3-2 BASILDON.

Round 2 and Basildon had the majority of Whites. The Board 3 players again could make little impression on each other, though Sean had slightly the better of the draw. Board 1 concluded with another draw, within bounds this time, and soon after Manuel and Dave shook hands on an ending of K & Q each (both promoted pawns). At this point, Wanstead needed only half a point more, as Board Count would defeat the visitors in the event of tied scores. Steve Rix took a perpetual check in his R & P ending with Arunas, effectively winning the match for the Home team. A discussion then broke out between the players in the remaining game, Peter, being the skipper with the score sheet, realising that Wanstead had won whatever the bottom board result and a draw was agreed. Round 2 was therefore five draws, all well-contested and Wanstead had won the match by the odd point.

WANSTEAD A proceed to a SF against WRITTLE. It has become a common theme this year that the venue alternation has given a succession of clouded pictures. Both WANSTEAD A and WRITTLE are due for an Away fixture. One of them has o be at Home. WRITTLE have played one match at Home and had a venue-neutral Bye. WRITTLE therefore have the alternation “preference”. (This is consistent with the treatment of the other two matches this year with the same problem, though in each case, the venue pattern was the other way round.)

SF Match K is therefore WANSTEAD A v WRITTLE.

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