Amazing Essex double!

ECF U2050 Final: Essex 8½-7½ Surrey
At Wanstead. At one stage, Essex were four points down at E 2½-6½ S and there were some glum Essex faces. Then Essex won two in a row before another Surrey win, so Surrey were still three up at E 4½-7½ S. Just four now left in play from which the skipper had realised that Essex “only” needed 3½ as 8-8 was sufficient, Board Count for once being in Essex’ favour. But Essex only lose on Board Count, a point proved when Peter and John Davenport both won to complete a remarkable comeback at 8½-7½. Fantastic!

ECF U1450 Final: Essex 7-5 Surrey
At Wanstead. We have less detail on the U1450 success as we were occupied playing in the U2050 match, but it was another convincing performance from the U1450 squad winning 7-5 with no draws. No doubt someone will furnish us with a report soon.

While we compile our stats and more detailed reports, take in the details by following the links below for the match cards on ECF LMS and the U2050 Live games (Boards 1-6). When you get to the Live games screen, click on the heading line for a list of links to each game, or click on the up and down arrows in the foot of the page to skip to the next/previous board.

Links: U2050 on LMS | U2050 Live games | U1450 on LMS

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  2. “No doubt someone will furnish us with a report soon.”

    In response to the above which is attached to the “Amazing Essex double”, I did take not of the results as they came in, but initially only the score, not the player. Tos start, Essex had a succession of wins then it went to 5 – 1 in favour of Essex. At 4p.m. Russell Fisher made it 6 – 1 and as Essex had secured board 1, Essex were the winners! At 4.45 the result was 6-2, then at 5 p.m. a flurry of results, 6-3, 6-4, 7-4 and at 5.10 the final result: 7-5. Apologies for no more detail, I did not want to stay in playing area as it was rather confined however I should have noted names and boards. Thanks to all who played, and congratulations to whole team on winning. John Chapman p.s. Mark M. has a team photo, minus board 1 player who was late.

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